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Online - Can no longer join my friend's save

  • Hello all,

    I've tried to post this on fm-base and SI games forum but no answer so far, so I hope someone can help here.

    I need your help because this I'm no longer able to join my friend's game since yesterday and it is driving us crazy now. Everything was working well in the past few months and we played no later than Saturday.
    I'm able to see our game in the Join online menu, then I select the game and click Join Game at the bottom of the screen. After that, the small window appears saying Joining online game (and the rest of the screen is grey-black) but after a few seconds, instead of being into the game, I'm back at the previous screen with the list of all online games. Then, when I try a 2nd time to click Join Game it says "ERROR : Unable to connect to server".

    I've tried other unlocked online games but same thing happens, except for Fantasy Draft games which I seem to be able to join (which is also weird I think...).

    My friend tried the same but it's not working either on his laptop...

    We tried to restart PCs & Steam multiple times, make sure we use the same download region, both run the same version 17.3.2, etc. And nothing happened during this weekend (no windows update or anything), so don't know why it's not working

    Please help !! Any help will be much appreciated !

    Thank you in advance

  • Admin


    Sorry to hear about your problem, but sadly I am unable to help with such a technical issue. Maybe someone else have any experience regarding this? @Anyone


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