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3 Wonderkids to Watch in FM18: Roaming Playmakers

  • All the players I show in this series will be from a large database with the following nations loaded down to tier 2: Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands and other top 6 european leagues with players from top clubs and continental reputation also enabled. In Europe and South America players from top division clubs also enabled.

    Name Assane Diousse
    Screen: 0_1504587774727_Diousse.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Empoli / Senegal (Transferred to St. Etienne for FM18)
    Alternate Positions / Roles: BBM, BWM, DLPs or d
    Tactics Suitable For: Any
    Training Advice: Diousse is a personal favourite of mine since you can really take him in any direction you see fit. I don't believe SI has done a great job of actually representing his skillset in FM as he is actually a Ball Winner first and foremost. He was the leading take-on player in Serie A last year in a relegated side (my beloved Empoli). He is skilled and I don't think they have got his technicals wrong - more they have under-appreciated his anticipation, aggression, work rate and tackling. Training is straight forward, train for RPM and also get him the looks for pass rather than shot and refrains from taking long shots PPMs ASAP. Diousse has a PA of -8 so results with him will vary. I'd be surprised if this figure isn't amended to a set figure between 155-165 for FM18 though.
    Price / Buying strategy: Diousse will be a tough buy in FM18, St. Etienne is an under-appreciated side in FM17 and it would surprise me if that changes in 18. Given he is essentially both their hot prospect and key player all in one I expect them to hold you ransom for a transfer in FM18. In FM17 he can be had reasonably cheap between 5-12m euros.
    Name Lewis Cook
    Screen: 0_1504588371880_Lewis Cook.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Bournemouth / England
    Alternate Positions / Roles: BBM, DLP
    Tactics Suitable For: Any
    Training Advice: First of all don't roll your eyes at the inclusion of a known wonderkid here. I personally think he is grossly overrated on FM17 but he is one of the best RPMs you can get on FM17 out of the box. My advice for training Lewis Cook is focusing on his finishing and long shots as well playmaking stats. He's one of a select few players I would train as a Shadow Striker or AP so that his CA gains are going into more attacking attributes.
    Price / Buying strategy: He will cost you an arm and a leg. I have never purchased him under 25m guaranteed with almost double that in add-ons included.
    Name Orbellin Pineda
    Screen: 0_1504589246330_Pineda.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Chivas (MEX) / Mexico
    Alternate Positions / Roles: BBM, CMs
    Tactics Suitable For: Any
    Training Advice: This kid is quite something, the thing that kills me is he doesn't have a ~15 long shot. If he did I would cut this page down to 1 and say he's it for RPMs. The decision to make him an RPM and not a BBM is his Tackling is only 11, his Passing is 13 and his Decisions and Vision is 14. I would train his long shots in every way you can, and then train him as an RPM. Kid could win you everything on offer and a -85 PA will provide you with at worst a 150PA (24 CA worth of development) but upto 170PA which would make him one of the best players in the world.
    Price / Buying strategy: He is a recent discovery of mine and as such haven't actually purchased him on FM17. I would suggest he would cost between 10 and 20m given he plays in mexico but this could in actuality be closer to 25m euros.


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