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3 Wonderkids to Watch in FM18: Advanced Playmakers

  • All the players I show in this series will be from a large database with the following nations loaded down to tier 2: Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands and other top 6 European leagues with players from top clubs and continental reputation also enabled. In Europe and South America players from top division clubs also enabled.

    Name Ryan Gauld
    Screen: 0_1504582726836_Gauld.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Sporting Lisbon / Scotland
    Alternate Positions / Roles: Wide Playmaker, RPM, DLP
    Tactics Suitable For: Any
    Training Advice: Would personally train as a roaming playmaker and use as AP. But if you want him to be a more specialized passer feel free to train as AP. One thing to note for all playmakers but particularly AP is 'Decisions'. If this is lower than 15 they simply do not produce like the rest of their attributes suggest they should - So I would make this a focus - do not train him as a role which does not focus this.
    Price / Buying strategy: Have only purchased him once and cost me 4m euros with addons up to 10. But I have seen people in the community grab him for chump change as low as 1m flat.
    Name Rodrigo Bentancur
    Screen: 0_1504584624463_Bentancur.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Boca / Uruguay
    Alternate Positions / Roles: Wide Playmaker, Winger, Roaming Playmaker
    Tactics Suitable For: Any
    Training Advice: I would encourage all AP to train as RPM unless you plan to use them in a more static fashion as an enganche behind an advanced forward. But you wouldn't do terribly to train him as an AP. The glaring hole in his game at the moment is finishing. If you want to use him in the AMC slot as an APa then you must get this to a more respectable value. I would also suggest you work on his Passing and First Touch as I find 16 to be the baseline for advanced playmakers. All in all Bentancur is amongst the gold standard of AP wonderkids in FM17 and I look forward to seeing his update in FM18
    Price / Buying strategy: As with most South American wonderkids Bentancur is priced in the 15-25m euro range. I have got this figure as low as 2.5m plus add-ons taking it to 20m in future.
    Name Sergio Pena
    Screen: 0_1504585498241_Pena.JPG
    Current Team / Division / Nation: Granada B / Peru
    Alternate Positions / Roles: Attacking Midfielder, CM Attack
    Tactics Suitable For: 4-2-3-1, 3 Man Central Midfields where he can be the prime attacking option.
    Training Advice: Pena is the lowest PA of the bunch. The above screen shows him at default with a CA of 108 and a PA 133. Giving you 25 CA to develop him further. He is already an elite passer. I wouldn't suggest attempting to train him as an RPM like other AP because you do not have the CA to burn. Instead I would suggest focusing on his passing ability and maximizing his specialist value. Finishing is optional here - with high technique first touch and long shots as well as flair he has the ability to score wonder goals as is - get his finishing up to ~10 or 11 and he will consistently do this for you but it will come at the cost of potentially having him be an ~17 first touch, passing, technique & vision player - something hard to come by and near impossible for a PA133 player.
    Price / Buying strategy: Pena is a very cheap option. Most saves Granada does not re-sign him beyond his initial contract and I have bought him as cheap as 250k euros.


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