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3 Wonderkids to Watch in FM18: Deep Lying Playmakers

  • All the players I show in this series will be from a large database with the following nations loaded down to tier 2: Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands and other top 6 european leagues with players from top clubs and continental reputation also enabled. In Europe and South America players from top division clubs also enabled.

    Name Akram Tawfik
    Screen: 0_1504581467317_Tawfik.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Al Ahly Sporting Club / Egypt
    Alternate Positions / Roles: BWM (support or defend), RPMs, BBMs
    Tactics Suitable For: 4-1-2-3, Most 3 Man Midfields, DM formations
    Training Advice: I personally prefer to take advantage of his size and passing ability to make him DLPd. He starts with decent but not "blow me away" physicals. You may be tempted to train him as a BWM, BBM or RPM but be wary - his PA is only 134 so if you spend too much of this figure on physicals he may not develop mentally or technically enough to play as an effective DLPd - I prefer to keep him fairly immobile (12acc, 12pac and 11agi but develop his balance and strength (~13-14). Tawfik is only 94CA at the beginning which gives you 40CA worth of development to work with, the most of any of the players listed here.
    Price / Buying strategy: He comes cheap given he is coming from the Egyptian league, but interesting in a lot of my saves refuses to come to England straight away. I didn't have this issue when managing in France or Italy. I would estimate average cost €200k-1m.
    Name Sergei Samper
    Screen: 0_1504581496004_Samper.JPG
    Current Team / Nation: Barcelona B / Spain (on loan at Granada)
    Alternate Positions / Roles: -
    Tactics Suitable For: 4-1-2-3, Most 3 Man Midfields, DM formations
    Training Advice: Samper is naturally a DLPd and I would continue him on that path of development. One thing I have done in the 2 saves I have used him is train him as a DM so that he focuses on the defensive elements of his game as a priority. He is already a proficient passer: 18ftch 17pas 16tec 16vis 17dec. He has the highest PA of the mentioned players and therefore the highest ceiling to improve his defensive potential.
    Price / Buying strategy: Samper will cost you in most saves - a worthy fee however. I have sometimes come across Barcelona buying a DLP in which sometimes Samper gets set to not needed and put on sale for ~10m euros.
    Name Marcos Llorente
    Screen: 0_1504581512405_LLorente.JPG
    Current Team / Division / Nation: Real Madrid B / Spain (on loan at Alaves)
    Alternate Positions / Roles: -
    Tactics Suitable For: 4-1-2-3, Most 3 Man Midfields, DM formations
    Training Advice: Very similar to Samper in terms of his pure passing style. I would develop his defensive capabilities further and make him plug the hole infront of a back 4 not closing down too much due to poor physicals. Needs to mark and tackle however.
    Price / Buying strategy: He is a cheaper alternative to Samper and can usually be had for 10m euros even without listing. due to a 147 PA he isn't part of Real Madrids long term plans (in-game)


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