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Proposed additions to template for FM18

  • @Fra just some thoughts regarding the template you have posted. I am going to try and fill this sector in for fm18 in an attempt to encourage the community here to do the same - would be good to get some players to match some of the popular tactics from here

    Add CA/PA - From database editor to enable visitors to see whether this player can grow to be a long term fixture of their save

    Add more structure to the description:

    • Current Team/Division/Nation - (and if required what database you used to enable him)
    • Positions (list):
    • Roles (list):
    • Tactics suitable for - from leaderboard or general formations:
    • Training Advice (PPMs & Role if different from playing role) - If any:

    I will endeavor to do a ton of write ups for players I come across - been meaning to do this for fm17 and have a list of them but will endeavor to do it for fm18 during beta and pre xmas.

    Another suggestion - could we add further sub-categories under the positional groups?
    Thinking the following (under each position)

    • Big Clubs (Top 25 ranked reputation clubs)
    • Sub Top Clubs (25-75)
    • Underdog Clubs (76 - 200)
    • Lower Leagues

    This would enable me to further filter players suitable for the different clubs in different leagues

  • New Code for proposed template

    Name | 
    **Screen:** |  
    **Current Team / Division / Nation:** | 
    **Alternate Positions / Roles:** | 
    **Tactics Suitable For:** | 
    **Training Advice:** | 
    **Price / Buying strategy:** |


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