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[17.3.2] Suk Sam Warhammer v1.3 update

  • 1.3 updated. more solid defence

    Hi. Long time ~

    Recently I've been playing FM17 again.

    I realize that It's very efficient - 5 defenders and 3amc.

    But I'd wanna make a 4back tactic as powerful as 5back-zerotop tactics.

    I don't be sure this tactic is good enough to 5backs, but maybe almost close.


    OK, 3AMCs in this tactic too. It's so exciting to watch the movement and goals of 3AMCs.



    Cornerkickers must be WBs.

    Download link : Suk Sam Warhammer v1.3

    (hey~ I can't upload the tactic file .fmf)

    If you guys (Mr.L's tactic testing team) got some time, plz test this tactic.) 🙂

  • Not a bad tactic this vanco - playing with leicester so sold all my forwards and just got my right wb taking all corners


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