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4-3-3 The New Legends (High Scoring and Solid Defending)

  • This is my tactic that combines two tactics:
    1.CRAZY 433 by vinhtran810
    2.MAGNIFICO 4-3-3 by Giannis the greek
    and bring it a little improvement to my style.

    We have all trophies

    Goal 227 Conceded 47


    O.I. (From MAGNIFICO 4-3-3)

    All My Forward Player
    Romelu Lukaku (CF)
    0_1501553876414_Desktop 07.31.2017 -
    Marcus Rashford (P)
    0_1501553890956_Desktop 07.31.2017 -
    Anthony Martial (CF)
    0_1501554048927_Desktop 07.31.2017 -
    Luciano Viettto (P)
    0_1501553903247_Desktop 07.31.2017 -
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic (CF)
    0_1501553914335_Desktop 07.31.2017 -


    P.S. Sorry if you may not understand what I say. My English is not that good.


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