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Tactic for a pacey 3 man attack?

  • Playing with updated rosters @ Leicester

    Have Demarai Gray, Jamie Vardy and Iheanacho as my main 3 attackers with Okazaki (SS) and Slimani (TMa) as rotational/tactical options

    I essentially want to play with a lot of vertical space between myself and the opposition goal

    My thoughts so far is I should sit deeper, on counter and play with a normal or higher tempo (to encourage forward breaks and speed of transition.

    My problem lies with what I should do from here?

    How should I set the 3 at the front up? two IFa (Gray and Iheanacho) with a DFs (Vardy)?
    Whatabout the 3 midfielders underneath them? (I have at my disposal (best role in brackets): Iborra (Anchor Man), Drinkwater (bbm), Ndidi (bbm), Matty James (CMd), Danilo (bbm))

    So I have a number of options in midfield but am also retraining Iborra to play in central defense if a 3 man defense is the way to go (it appears to be the trend of this years fm).

    I like my defense a lot with Harry Maguire at the back with his 15 passing and good vision hes an excellent source for quick long passes deep. I also have an excellent distributing GK in Kasper Schmeichel (I play with pr0 ratings update which mends his passing which is oddly low for a keeper widely regarded by man city, man utd and other big clubs as one of the best distributing keepers on the planet)

    So I believe I have at my disposal the tools to quickly launch long direct balls from defense into space for Gray Vardy and Iheanacho (GVI) to run onto with atleast 2 midfielder to play supporting roles underneath and 2-3 central defending options to play either a defensive triangle with an anchor man or a 3 man defense underneath.

    At wingback/full back I have wonder kid Chilwell who is progressing well so I think I may have rolled lucky on his random potential -85 and Marc Albrighton/Danny Simpson at DR.

    So, in essence, I think it will look like a 4-1-2-3 or 5-2-3 WB formation sitting deeper inviting pressure then quickly passing long over their defensive line into space once we win the ball back

    • What else should I adopt Player Instruction wise or Team Instruction wise?
    • What are your thoughts on player roles?
    • How should I set Schmeichel up to distribute? to Maguire for his deep passes? directly deep himself? Deep throws to the central midfielders? Out wide to the full backs to run it forward? Or should I look closely at the best outlet at the start of each game and set it to that manually?

    Help would be great as im currently playing with @Knap strikerless formations without the desired success (just do not have the personnel for a posession based tactic - leicester have second worst passing, 3rd worst technique, and 5th worst first touch in PL)


    Tagged you guys as I regularly see you helping out those in need of tactical advice. I really want to over the next year or so join you in being able to create some leaderboard tactics.

    For the record I am open to a formation similar to the 3-2-2-3 tactics that are OP but I want it to play as previously mentioned if possible

  • Admin

    I cannot speak for anyone else but myself, but the way I create tactics has nothing to do with logic. In fact, I try every UNLOGICAL thing I can think of in every patch. I simply try every combination possible, then I properly test around 10 of the best combinations I could find. Making tactics to beat the ME is a game of it's own 🙂

  • @MrLangvatn this hurts my soul. I was probably dreaming that football manager was a competent simulation of actual football

  • Admin

    @Samuel-James-Roy I'm sorry to have broken your dreams mate

  • For anyone interested - I managed to get it working reasonable well using a hybrid of Knap's 3-4-3-0, Pandemo and my own front 3 flavouring

    I have Iheanacho as a RMDa on the right hand side, Vardy at the central forward position (offset to the left to open more space for iheanacho) and I have brought in Perotti from Roma to play a playmaking inside forward support role to distribute to the two finishers. Gray is now coming off the bench and training as a AML advanced playmaker in an effort to see him develop as a future perotti - failure to do so will see him sold as at the moment his pace and dribbling does not have an end product (passing/vision/finishing/long shots all <11)

    Working exceptionally well for the set of players at my disposal (better than the top plug and plays were) due to the perfect fit of players in different roles to the 3 AMC that most plug and plays use now.

    Biggest lesson learnt from this is it is really really important to modify tactics to your own players strengths and to correctly distribute the playmaking and spacing of your players as overloading the AMC slot will not work if you do not have skillfull high balance high passing players to create a through ball chance - running 3 poachers in the AMC slot playing SSa does not work - your far better off with 3 APs in those SSa slots as they will find the pass to unlock the defense.


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