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3-4-3-0 help or alternative

  • Hi,

    Have been a keen follower of this forum!

    I have had lots of succes with various strikerless tacts (wich are OP atm) with the "goodbye" of knapp as the best.
    The only thing i keep seeing is the difficulty of breaking down defensive/narrow side.

    Previous years I would put more emphasis on my wide players (Wingers).
    But these tacts dont have them. Playing wider also does not help nor roam.

    The problem is that i find this tacts rely heavily on space behind the defence, but narrow/defensive sides offer very little space.
    Anyone has any idea how to counter this?
    Or, any solid winger tac is fine to.. 🙂


  • Change to defensive mentality.

    I've just been using 442 451 and 4231 in LL which work well if you have a decent side.

    The 442 is sort of based on Midsomer from last year. SI killed crossing for this year and opened up the middle.

  • The following is more of a football answer rather than a ME solution.

    Slightly different to knap's suggestion - I would suggest playing on control/standard but drop your defensive line to slightly deeper or deeper to encourage the opposition to come at you and open up vertical space.

    Also you could shift the front 3 to a more realistic Inside Forward-Striker-Inside Forward - which will spread the front 3 out and cause more horizontal stretching of their defense.

    If both of these don't work changing one of your central midfielders to a DLPs with hold position. This will set you up with a nice perimeter around their defense - causing you to sustain immense pressure on their defense and should eventually lead to a break through unless the opposition has immense mentals/stamina/positioning.


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