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Player Value Drop

  • So I've finished a successful season, first UCL semi-final for the club and reputation got higher. All of a sudden, my player's value
    got a lot lower, top players from 20-18 GBP are now 13-10, wonderkids from 10 to 1, very frustrating. tried to change the currency and change it back since i've read its a common error but no effect. any ideas? does it make sense?
    The overall value of the club went down by a 100M+ GBP 💯

  • At what point in the season did this occur?

    It sounds like the offseason - Value is tied to Reputation/position/recent performance,
    If no major reputable international competition occurred over the offseason, and your league's reputation did not rise due to performance of other clubs in it/no major sales of players whose value rose significantly upon leaving/performed well since leaving then these may be why the values have diminished

    League reputation is also tied almost exclusively to European coefficients. Not the seasonal one either but the 5 yearly one - obviously not instantly but eventual creep.

    If none of the above then I'm out of ideas!


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