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The Advanced Playmaker of the future...

  • The last 8 seasons brought me many fun times with my danish Næstved IF team, but the last two years, I've had gotten my team into Champions League Final 16. Next year I want to at least hit the Semi's and possibly the final.
    I started bargaining with my board to upgrade our youth facilities and junior coaching and now I've finally trained one of my own youth into stardom - 4 years it has taken me, but what an exciting journey it has been.
    This fellow is 4½ gold star current ability and 5 gold star potential. My assistant manager, who is 17 judging player ability and 18 judging potential tells me that this player is top notch. He is now 19 years old. Trained him hard since I got him at age 15. So the last 4 years have given me a superstar. I've tried to design an advanced playmaker of the ages. The technique, vision, and flair of Michael Laudrup, and the speed of a young Michael Owen. Now, speed you say, advanced playmakers don't need that much speed... Well, my AMC does.
    I've trained him the current PPMs.

    • Runs With Ball Through Centre (He has 18 dribbling, 17 agility, 18 acceleration, 18 pace and 16 balance.
      The 18 dribbling and 16 balance will make sure he can keep the ball close while he moves like a snake through the defence, and the 17 agility, 18 acceleration and 18 pace will make sure he gets there fast!)
    • Plays One Twos, Moves Into Channels & Tries First Time Shots (With a deadly first touch of 19, a passing ability of 18, Technique of 17, Composure of 17 and 16 Shooting. This guy will pick a teammate, pass to him, then run fast into space before recieving the ball again and placing a quick shot into the corner.)

    Last year I loaned him out to OB (Odense Boldklub) currently playing in the 2nd tier of danish football, but they're a good team with a strong support and training facilities, and I was sure they would give my star the playing time he needed.
    31 games ( 27 starts ) and he scored 32 goals, the team finished 4th, and just missed out on playoffs, so the team isnt just ready for top league football again just yet. But this tells me that my young star, with the right support of players, he will do wonders.

    I can't wait to play him, and watch him next year as he will play as my attacking midfielder on attacking duty just behind a false 9 and a targetman. I don't like the Shadow Striker role, I'm more into generic/standard roles that I can mold how I see fit with specific instructions.

    ...My next story will be the last few years of star defender in my Woking save, who not only saved my team from relegation from the championship in 2029, but also steamed my team to promotion the very next year. ( I got him on a free when he was 33 years old, recently released from Arsenal, as apparently they saw him old and obsolete.... How wrong they we're.

  • ....28th of november, we're currently sitting comfortably in the 10th place of the premier league. Not that it hasnt been tough, but because we've kept morale high.
    Last few iterations of FM, keeping morale high has become more and more important I've noticed.
    I'm certain that my teams high morale has helped ensure that we weren't in a relegation struggle.

    My now 34 year old faithful defender who also helped me get promoted from the championship is in his last 2 years of his professional career.
    Gone are his days when he could run with the best of them, and that is reflected by his 9 acceleration and 11 pace.
    Its tough to watch match highlights where the pacey pachers and advanced forwards outpace him and scores one on ones with my keeper.
    But thanks to his high natural fitness, being 17. He is still strong with 15 strength - if he gets into a dogfight with a striker he usually wins.
    13 stamina... He can just about keep his head and go all 90 minutes, but I don't do that every match - he is my 1st choice captain because of his 19 influence, 34 years old and 19 years of playing experience. 12 of those years being 1st choice defender in the premier league for Arsenal and Southampton.

    He might not be premier league material anymore, but he is still solid for me, and he has helped tutor 5 of my young defenders coming through our own ranks. He is a model professional with 18 determination, 17 work rate, 17 teamwork, so he is a superb tutor.
    My plan is to still use him as a backup next year, while he keeps un tutoring my younglings.
    And maybe, just maybe he will help us fight to reach the top half of premier league next year.

    With 1½ year left on his contract, I know I won't be renewing his contract next year, because I don't believe a 35-36 year old that is past his prime and is skill wise suited for the championship. warrent 50,000 £ per week.
    But for now, his 18 tacking, 17 positioning, 16 marking, 15 concentration and 16 decisions has kept my defence strong mentally.

    Next story I will give some story background on my Woking team, how we fared throughout the years.

  • Admin

    Sounds like you're having fun! 🙂 Næstved IF in CL is madness! 🙂

  • Woking FC.
    A lower division side that currently resides in the Vanarama National League.
    I started my journey as unemployed. Wanting the challenge that lower league gives, so I did not give myself higher than National B license, and as my age was 25, I gave myself Semi-Pro past playing experience.

    February 2017, the manager of Woking FC was laid off because of poor league position.
    10 days later, I was given the job after hours of negotiations.
    My job was pretty simple - Try to avoid relegation from the Vanarama National League.
    11 games left, and currently sitting in 23rd place with 7 points away from 20th place which would give Woking FC a relegation clearanse.

    Story cut short, I kept Woking FC in the VNL. 2 points clear of relegation.
    And September 2017, they re-negotiated my contract to a further two-year deal, so I had time to rebuild a Woking FC that would be able to gain promotion into the League 2 of England.

    May 2018, we finished 6th in the VNL, just 1 point shy of the much wanted playoff spots. Some of the better players I had been so fortunate to lure to the Kingfield Stadium in my tenure so far, decided to leave Kingfield Stadium in search of better fortunes, as they thought that they could'nt achieve their goals with us.

    However, with some luck in the free transfer department, I was handed some much needed skills in the midfield and defence areas of my team - " we we're leaking in too many goals " - the very next year we got promoted into League 2. A very safe 1st place with 5 points clear of 2nd place Tranmere Rovers.

    Now, I had a bigger job on my hands. To keep Woking in the League 2......

  • Admin

    Looks fun! Show us the young kid that is already a beast, I want to see a screenshot! 😃

  • I am also playing with Naestved BK as the first place in my wandering adventure in football., under the profile of Peter Schmeichel 🙂 First season was pretty easy using Claymore v1 and v2.

    alt text

    The debut in the Superliga was also a joy, using Joker v1, but later in the season due to the new patch our performance dropped and I had to create Joker v2. 3rd in the Preliminary Phase is a massive overachievement, but we declined later in the Championship Phase, finishing only 4th.

    alt text
    alt text

    But the absolute highlight of the season was the Cup win. Fortunately Hobro IK, the opponent in the Final beat FC Kobenhavn in the semi final 😃 FCK and Brondby are sooo much stronger than the other teams.

    Cup matches

  • Admin

    @zyndar Joker looks interesting... Will you be doing some more work on it / sharing it? 🙂

  • @MrLangvatn It is available for a while on the other site 🙂

  • Admin

    @zyndar On fm-base you mean?

  • Admin

    @zyndar Thanks 🙂 Added it to the test list 🙂


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