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Direct Tactics

  • Just thought I would open a space for people to discuss more direct passing tactics not the ever popular tiki-taka engine breakers.

    Im holding some belief that in-built in the engine there is a strong 3 to 5 star (mrL rating) direct tactic based off playing long balls to a target man or multiple aerial threats with speed on the edge in a winger/raumdeuter/inside forward

    Has anyone put any work into seeing what instructions work well for this style of play, looking on the net there is virtually zero tactics posted anywhere that i deem to be strong or even good enough to base some further thought into.

  • Stargazing I used direct for FM 17 & 16

    0_1498005481546_Tottenham Hotspur_  Overview-2.png

    I have a TM tactic as well, but not together

  • @Knap Can you run me through your thoughts behind lower tempo, play out of defense if the passing style is direct? Seems highly contradictory

  • @Knap and others,

    A better description of what im looking for in this discussion is long ball tactics

    • Use of a target man
    • Mixed (with individual instructions on some players more direct), direct or route one passing
    • Float Crosses
    • Higher tempo (quick transition)

    Anyone had any success with this combination

    @Admins would it be a stretch to have a new testing category for long ball tactics since current testing seems almost exclusively control based tactics

  • Admin


    I know you asked Knap, but I'll give my opinion on why I think he uses that combination:

    Tempo in FM isn't what you think it means 🙂 Tempo in FM sets the degrees the player is allowed to pass the ball in. For example, if you have the lowest tempo setting, the player can pass the ball wherever he'd like in 360 degrees, and if you have the highest tempo setting the player can mostly just pass the ball forward. Often, in good counter-attacks, the flanks are very important, and when players are not allowed to pass the ball to the other flank, it's a problem. Hence the low tempo / direct passing combination.

  • @MrLangvatn This is possibly the greatest peice of advice iv ever received, since in my current Hertha save iv been scratching my head over why my high tempo tactic refuses to use my supporting wingbacks and regista who are always unmarked behind the attack, the players will either shoot or try a terrible shot rather than retaining posession! 🙂

    @MrLangvatn do you have any other insights into setting up a long ball tactic? I had assumed that direct passing would do what you said tempo does so in that case what does direct passing do? set the length of passes?

  • Just made that one change - lowering tempo down to 2 bars, to my counter centric tactic. Beat Real Madrid in year 2 champions league 4-1. Insane improvement to the tactic

  • Admin

    @Samuel-James-Roy Yes, direct passing makes the players make longer passes 🙂

    But I can't really help you set up a long ball tactic, as that is something I've never gotten to work as I wanted in any FM.

    Maybe you can have a look at this tactic:

    Dunno how direct that tactic is, but if it has a target man, chances are good it has some settings you can learn from 🙂

  • How a look at Lovesleepers tactic sets as include direct style.


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