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Match Preparation

  • This topic is not really in regards to tactics specifically.
    So if this topic is in the completely wrong area of the forum, I hope a friendly admin will move it.

    This topic is about Match Preparation.
    How YOU find Match Preparation works.
    Which aspect of Match Preparation you find works best for you, and why.
    Do we have any knowledge we can share with the rest of the group about, yes, you guessed it,
    HOW Match Preparation really works, and what it does.

    I once read from a SI forum admin, about how match preparation works, but I can't for the life of me understand it.
    Match Preparation in its core. Is a small part of the teams weekly training, more specifically the day or days, just prior to a match. I know that Teamwork works on a teams understanding/blending.
    I also know that Match Tactics works on the tactics currently occupying the 3 tactic slots.

    I am more interested in knowing about;

    • Def. Positioning
    • Att. Movement
    • Def. Set Pieces
    • Att. Set Pieces

    I have read several posts, from different iterations about how people perceive these to work.
    Now I want you good peoples experience.
    No one persons interpretation is wrong - you will all help to a greater understanding of the whole.
    ...That come out completely wrong 😆

    I will end this, by stating the most (so far) recognized way these work.
    The last 4, works only per match, and would give a slight boost to our teams positioning, movement, or set pieces.
    But that is not really a definitive description now is it? Thanks SI. 😕

    I hope to see people who frequent this forum, to share their ideas on the subject. 🙂


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