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Fluid Universality 1.0

    • I like fluid teamwork
    • I like pass and move
    • I like hard working players
    • I like to see players move "off the ball" and recieve a deadly through ball

    I've tried to develop a tactic that takes what I've learned, what I've tested and tried and, what I've seen work in the game, and finetune this into a solid tactic.

    This tactic is based on a 4-1-2-3-0 strikerless formation.
    Inspired by

    I try to have my players play a very low tempo game, that is very narrow.
    This in turn can make the AI frustrated, and they will in most cases create alot of fouls as you can see by screenshots.
    My team in this case is Swindon Supermarine.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Now this tactic will not score a ton of goals, but it is pretty solid, and I really enjoy how the team plays.
    There are a few different attacking options in this tactic, to not make the AI get too comfortable.

    There is alot of passing going on in this tactic.
    I suggest having attacking players with good off the ball.
    All players having a good anticipation, to read the play.
    And most players to have a good aggression level. 11-15.
    I prefer players having more aggression, so I in turn don't need to put on hard tackling, or get stuck in.
    I don't like those settings, and players with low tackling, concentration and with poor sportsmanship, will see alot of bookings and risk getting sent off consistently.

  • Admin

    @Martin-Bahn Nice opening post, I'd like to see the actual tactic now 😃


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