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Very simple, yet solid narrow 4-3-1-2

  • This is a very simple narrow 4-3-1-2
    There are only three team instructions.
    And only two players have added personal instructions.

    No need for hard tackling or constant closing down - but you can add that yourself if you want it.
    I find that my team generally play better throughout the season
    without the added interference of yellow and red cards all the time. 😁

    I also have not added any specific OI's, so you are free to do that if you use those.

    Training - I generally just use "balanced" schedule, as that trains the players in everything just fine.
    I do use match preparation on occasion if I need more team coherence, tactic fluidity or have a very tough cup game.


    PS. Mr.L testing team are more than welcome to test this tactic when they have time.

  • Admin

    @Martin-Bahn Added to the tactics that will be tested 😉


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