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Mr L 3-4-3 Wayward Queen Attack

  • Admin

    Hey guys!

    As promised, here comes my first FM17 tactic!

    Here is a screenshot of the formation:

    alt text

    So, 3-4-3 it is this time...! Why? Because after trying a large amount of formations, I found this formation to work the best so far... And, I've always loved 3 striker tactics 🙂

    How does this tactic work? It's main idea is gegenpress without hesitation. This means that the players will give everything they have to get the ball back, in a coordinated effort. Sometimes there will be some spaces behind them if they fail, but after you've tried this, you won't find this a problem. So, why isn't this a problem? Because we score ALOT of goals!

    However, until FM Fitness Coach is released, I won't be able to test this or other tactics properly. I just wanted to share this one with you guys in case there is a patch coming in to destroy it...

    As always, it's pure plug and play (I only make plug and play tactics). If you do try it (1 season), please leave some feedback below! Without my normal test routines, other managers are a big source of information to learn about the new match engine.

    There is only one very important thing you need to do before you start playing matches: Make sure that the assistant manager is not controlling opposition instructions (you need to be in charge of these). Then you set these OI's:

    Alt text

    Download the tactic!

    Screenshots for Ipad users

    Have fun! 🙂

  • @MrLangvatn Good looking. Trying it out on a mid second season Manchester United Save. Decent squad up front with martial,rashford and dybala. Will update with results.

  • OK!!!

    So about 10 matches in. Midseason in my second season of a multiplayer save. A few notes before i give me two cents about this tactic.

    My Squad looks like this:

    De Gea

    De Vrij/ Manolas/ Phil Jones [bertrand/llorente as subs]

    Mkitarian/Payet/Valencia/Luke Shaw/ Trippier/ Walker [I use them all in the MR/ML positions for different purposes]

    Pogba, Naingolan, Schneiderlein, Prowse, Herrera, Fosu mensa, Delle Ali [Again use different pairings, ussually Pogba Naingolan/ Alli Schneiderlein and Prowse / Herrera for weaker opponents]


    Before i got to this tactic i was using another tactic from FM Base with good but not exceptional results.

    I wrote those players out for everyone to understand that by now i have a squad that is quite good. Although it lacks the punch of the first 11 of barcelona or real madrid. 10 Games in, this tactic has been simply EXCEPTIONAL.

    i dropped it midseason, with only two days of training and attacking movement prep. IT has won all 10 matches including Liverpool , Arsenal and Bayern Munich. It has done so comfortably. It has scored goals from every angle imaginable, crossing, middle play between the three strikers, corners, direct free kicks.

    The most impressive thing is the amount of domination. Not goal wise, but possession and opposition shot wise. Many times i will build up 75% possession and the opposition team will be shut out at 0 or near 0 shots. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

    Some pointers, the tactic while great in plug and play does benefit from some smart choices. For instance with weaker teams you can get away with putting creative midfielders in the DM spot, but do it against Bayern and you will be hurting. I started the game with my "offensive wide midfielders" and was down 0-2 halftime on my way for my first loss. I subbed in Shaw and Walker and they stopped Sane and Conan on their tracks countered and we beat Bayern 5-2. 5 goals in one half against bayern is no joke.

    All the strikers play well, but i have to say this. YOU NEED GOOD DEFENDERS. you need defenders that can handle the ball otherwise you will get angry quickly. And they should be pacey. Then again what are you doing playing this formation with slow defenders anyway ? haha

    GREAT WORK, AMAZING TACTIC. Will update with screenshots once i finish season and sell/buy players to suit the tactic more, since most of my players play in yellow or low green positions right now.

  • Excellent news. Will try it out with 2nd season save. 1st season I won the National League Sth with WSM using Deep Sicilian v5. Now for a big squad refresh and busy friendly schedule before embarking on journey to Football League. It'll be interesting to see if I can get any quality BPDs in the Conference. Should be an interesting ride. Cheers Mr L.

  • Admin

    @doomdayer One thing you can do if you don't have good ball playing defenders is to just change their role to central defender. It doesn't change the tactic too much, other than that it loses some of the offensive power. But yeah, when you only have three defenders, and you run a super high defensive line like this, you need pacey, good defenders indeed 🙂 An area to invest in 🙂

    Btw, thanks for giving feedback. It is surely appreciated! 🙂 Spent over 30 hours on this tactic, I think smoke was coming out of my ears in the end there, when searching for the final tweak 😛

  • The pressing is just so beautiful. I had strikers win the ball from a defender, go one-on-one with the keeper and score a goal, 3 times in 7 matches.

  • Admin

    By the way guys, make sure that you "punch in" the OI's exactly as they are in the screenshot, or else the tactic fails against many formations. It is heavily dependant on OI's.

  • hei, tar det på norsk, prøver å laste ned taktikken din fra nedlasningssiden, men må jeg opprette en konto der?

  • Admin

    @fåle1988 Du har jo allerede en konto 🙂 Bare å laste ned da 🙂

    Edit: Haha, du mente tinyupload. Nei, du trenger ikke konto der 🙂

  • @MrLangvatn mente tinyupload ja;) kjempe, takk for raskt svar. satser på at denne taktikken hjelper med til cl fotball med nufc i sesong 2;)

  • Admin

    Hmm guys, I think I may have a variation of the tactic that actually may be an upgrade from this. It's at least a very nice alternative for people who have great AML/AMR players! The cool thing is that it's a 3-2-5 formation with inside forwards! 🙂 Will keep you posted!

  • @MrLangvatn

    i am playing Parma and i am really on a bad beat...maybe it does dont work with small team0_1478768682061_20161110105657_1.jpg s ..

  • Admin

    @nayrda It should work fine with mid-table sides. Did you set the OI's? And do you have players fit for the roles?

  • i set the oi

    maybe the players ar not fit for the roles

    get 2 players from inter on loan

  • Admin

    @nayrda Can you post a screenshot of your tactic screen? Maybe I can help 🙂

  • i am dominating the games, but on counter the have me

    1_1478768903973_20161110110812_1.jpg 0_1478768903972_20161110110756_1.jpg

  • Admin

    @nayrda How pacey are your defenders? It's a very high defensive line with all-out gegenpressing from everyone, so you need pacey defenders.

  • pace 10-11 and 12

  • Admin

    Actually, acceleration in general, for the whole team, should be the most important stat. Tackling stat will also be very good on pretty much all players you can get it on.

  • Admin

    @nayrda Acceleration/pace should be closer to 15 I think, for this kind of formation and playstyle. Try to get at least one pacey defender 🙂


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