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Golden ratio

  • I am sure that most of you heard about the Golden ratio or so called extreme mean and ratio. It is known by us (humans) at least about 2400 years and it can be found literally everywhere: Aesthetics, Architecture, Geometry, Painting, Nature and even on the stock market. It represent the harmony, perfection in a given topic. So my idea is: what if we can translate this into Football Manager in terms of tactic creation? First idea relates to team instructions. If we can find a rating system for example to render a number to each TI and have two categories to represent A and B to fit the formula, it might mean that the given instructions are in true harmony and can work in-game.

    Is it only that I am too addicted to this game and should play Canasta instead or it can make sense? 😃

  • Admin

    I don't get how you would create the "rating system" for the Team Instructions, but the idea is not bad!

    Even if I think that at the SI while creating the ME they didn't care about Golden Ratio 😛

  • Well, the TIs shouls be categorised like Defensive and Neutral (Both count as A) and Attacking count as B. The number of each category is then summarized and will give a quotient, which should be near to 1.618.

  • Admin

    Mmm.. it sounds interesting as a project but I think their goal when they made the game was that nobody can find a formula to win every game. I understand what you say but I think it's too mathematical and there are so many other factors that is impossible to fit them in a formula!

  • Admin

    @Fra Trust me: exists a formula for everything. 🙂

  • Admin

    @Giggiux Of course there is, maybe not for happiness but there is definitely one for a video game but probably before we discover the complete to formula to win every game in FM17, FM30 has already come out!

  • @Fra it's not about winning every game, just to determine the perfect set of instructions for a video game. 🙂

  • Admin

    @zyndar said in Golden ratio:

    @Fra it's not about winning every game, just to determine the perfect set of instructions for a video game. 🙂

    Anyways, I guess you need quite a good knowledge of math that I don't have 😃

  • zyndar, im still trying to figure out the TI's and exactly what happens when we tick it on/off. how it effects our formation, roles and positions too. So golden ratio is just a bit too far for me atm. but i suppose it can be done ... till they change ME then u will have to go through all the headache again looking for that golden ratio again


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