Scouting in Football Manager 2017

  • For me, scouting is one of the most important parts of the Football Manager series. There is nothing that quite matches the feeling of plucking a player out of obscurity and having him become a club legend (I will always keep an eye on the career of Humberto Suazo for his performances for me in FM 10).

    Given that I place such a high importance on the scouting feature on FM, my scouting team is near the top of my "To do" list on any save. So, where to start?

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  • Admin

    Great stuff mate! Keep them coming! :) You rock!

  • Admin

    I love this article! So useful! :)

  • Brilliant article. I used steps like these on FM15 and I nabbed a french regen from an amateur team for 9k. 7 years later, 173 goals later sold him to Real for 90mil

  • Publisher

    Nice one,mate. Will make use of this☺☺

  • Great article! I'd like to ask a question about scouting.

    Do scouts with higher Judging Current/Potential ability simply get results back faster and more accurately?

    I know sometimes you scout somebody and you'll be able to see attributes in a range. Would "better" scouts get the knowledge back faster with more accurate results?

    Conversely, do "worse" scouts take longer and get bad info?

  • @slcfm That's exactly how I've found it, however it is not the only factor. The scout's knowledge of the country in which the player you are scouting is based comes into play too. If your scout has a good knowledge of the country they are able to get more accurate results back, more quickly. Scouts build up a knowledge of countries by spending time in that place looking for players. This is built up more quickly if your scout has a higher adaptability stat.

    Simply put however, the better your scout, generally the more accurate their findings.

  • Admin

    @slcfm I think I read somewhere that "Determination" determines how fast they work. (But I think there are some hidden stats also)

  • @MrLangvatn really daft question I know but how do I get the scouts to tell me when the young players are available to scout?

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