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Conceding a goal

  • Just a question, is it wrong to have a little smile when your comfortably leading a match & concede a goal, only because you know you've saved money on the clean sheet bonuses?

  • Ha ha. Some managers might not care. Some will get irritated when their team gets sloppy after having an unassailable lead. But a defensive player's morale will build upon each clean sheet. If your defense do not have a clean sheet in more than 5 matches, it might affect their confidence. Just imagine a striker who does not score for 5 matches. The goal keeper and the whole defense, by that extension, will feel the same about the lack of clean sheets.

  • Admin

    Hahaha that's a good one! I've never thought about saving the clean sheet bonus. By the way I'd rather pay the bonus and don't take any goal 😃

  • Haha I've not thought about that either... When I'm a couple of goals up and I concede I usually smile because I know an equaliser is coming


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