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Latest update

  • Hi all,

    Just discovered this site and have spent the last few days looking through etc.

    One thing I noticed, it's not clear what tactics are suitable for what version/update.

    It's just updated into 17.3.0 right? Do we know what tactics will work for this?

  • Hi,

    From the latest discussion I understand that the overall table is updated for 17.2
    However there is no agreement between the members to know either 17.3 changes something on tactics or not.
    To me there is definetely a difference, but others explain that the Match Engine did not change, therefore there would be no impact on tactics.

    So it's not clear until now.. and the admin are currently not able to relunch the test of every tactics on 17.3 version (not enough time and technical program not updated to 17.3)

  • i dont know if i can post links here from other websites but search for Fitness Coach, try to talk with the creator to update to the new version, and then you can try new tatics.

  • Latest update is actually 17.3.1 as of yesterday....
    "We have released an update, 17.3.1, which fixes the issue of players going on holiday for the winter break too soon. "....and a few other things.
    No ME update though.

  • For me most 17.2 tactics are still good

  • For me, I've noticed some changes as well with some tactics that were working great and starting to go really badly (especially top underdog "tweak poachers"). So I just switched to another one, with noticeable improved results now.

  • When SI change things and/or fix things. There are no guarantees, that certain changes won't affect the ME in one way or another, even though they don't directly change something within the ME.
    Things like how a tactic work, how morale work, how a player instruction work... these are not directly ME code, but do affect the ME.
    So while they don't say they changed the ME, some actions/tweaks might have a wider affect.

    Plus... Both back in FM15 and FM16, updates that did not change ME, did change how tactics worked. 👻


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