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Screenshot for iPad?

  • Re: IWB 4231

    I play in IPad and i need screenshot tactic, instructions team, etc...

    Thank you

  • @tintineador Have you try this before?

    Connect the iPad to your computer. Then open iTunes and navigate to applications and then find the files under FMC. there is a folder called tactics there. I was not able to drop anything into the folder, but I found a way around that issue:1: create another folder by the same name2: copy whatever .tac files you want into that folder. 3: drag and drop this created FOLDER onto the FMC files-window in iTunes. It will then ask if you want to replace the original folder.4: say yes!And there you have it, tactic files uploaded to your iPad!

  • @pwolf thank you this is good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻, but all tactitcs are .fmf no .tac 😔


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