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Feedback on testing database.

  • First of all, thank you for this website and sharing your test database!
    I just edited the database to suit my own needs and while running the test I found few things that could be improve,

    1. Non selected players complain about playing time and this cause other players to get angry including those in the first eleven. This can be solve by changing the club contract of each players to have a clause will leave the club after contract expired. I believe I have already feedback this in your fmbase thread but just in case you forgot I'll just say again here.

    2. Players can be call into the national team and this causes some players in the first eleven not available in some league matches. This can be solve by making all players to retired from national team.

    3. Team cohesion should be at least blending well when the first league match start. In an actual save, team is usually at least in blending well condition. This can be solve either by having longer pre-season (3-4 months?) and friendlies or just reduce the total number of players.

    4. Too many players with non optimum key attributes. I'll explain this in detail in the next post.

  • Admin

    @MrLangvatn read this 🙂

    @dginola Probably 2 of these are solved by using FM Fitness Coach (don't know if it changes also the morale tbh).

  • Admin

    Yes, I am aware of these things 🙂 Will make some changes, including these, next time around. Thanks for making a thread for it here, so it's easier for me to find it! 🙂

    Regarding (3): Now that we have a testing software, this is now possible as well 🙂 Before, we wanted to make the test as "quick" as possible, so we can test more tactics. But it won't matter much now with the software Luigi wrote.

    1. As far as I know, it is not possible to "tailor" the attributes. That's why I have used real players and edited their CA. If you know a better way, please share! 🙂 I'll defo consider your suggestions for the next database!

  • @Giggiux Unfortunately FM Fitness Coach is not able to clear player's negative concern.

  • @MrLangvatn You're welcome. I'm glad that you found this useful and will make the necessary changes. As for the issue of player attributes I would suggest something like this,

    Search for 1 strong striker and 1 fast striker with the most optimum attributes in CA120/145. Duplicate 3 copy for each so you'll have 4 fast striker and 4 strong striker but they are actually just 2 players and 2 set of attributes.

    Currently, you're having 8 strikers and 8 set of attributes and this is no good, for example a tactic that employs 3 strikers will have 3 different set of attributes and then when one striker suspended another striker with different attributes came in introducing even more differences. With my suggested setup you'll always end up using 2 set of attributes. This will also make sure quick pick will never pick the wrong type of players. Just apply the same for strong midfield, creative midfield, attacking midfield and etc.

    Actually this looks almost like TFF testing system's players setup except that instead of creating artificial players we just search for the most optimum players within the CA limit.

  • Btw, I am really looking forward to your league specific test. Using your current test system to find potential top tactics and then using the league specific test find the best tactic in a real league setup will be really really cool. I believe the tactic that is top in both test will be undeniably top tactic and I think even TFF fans will not disagree 🙂


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