How to post a tactic in this category

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    Before taking the decision of posting a tactic, please make sure that it's the best you can do, We don't want an update every day. We also suggest testing it, you can find help and listen to other manager's comments in the Development Zone.

    To post a tactic you need to fill this form (you can find it at end of the topic), you will need some screenshots and the results of a full season (obviously the first, results in 2020/2021 will not be accepted). Before you send the form, please make sure that are the what you wrote is correct and you wrote anything you need, you will not have the opportunity to change the form before we check it.

    We will give priority to tactics that have been developed in the Development Zone.

    After you sent the form, you have finished your job, an admin will contact you, so you will be able to publish your tactic soon!

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