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5230 SET Park The Bus with WBA to win the EPL. Solid Performance.

  • Admin

  • I really enjoy this tactic.

    • I take out the "get stuck in"
    • change IWB to WBA

    Love strikerless formations. And this one also sees opponent get alot of cards - love it!

    Benefits from this tactic:

    • Opponent gets stressed, make fouls and recieves alot of cards.
    • Alot of possession.
    • Focuses on "Strikerless" and "Good Passing" ...My favorite things. 😆

  • Admin

    @Martin-Bahn Try upload the tactic with your edit as an edit of this one (with a slightly change of the name), it may happens that can achieve better results!

  • @Giggiux
    Is it possible to get this tactic re-tested?
    I've now followed it on several tactic forums, and apparently it blows away the competition in all regards.
    So finding it this far down on is worrying.

  • Also, here is a version of the original tactic, where set piece routines are added, (inspired by

    5230 (mrl best set pieces)

  • Admin

    The same tactic will get the same result (more or less, there are examples of that).
    But if there is a "new version" of the tactic, we can test that. @Lucio-Vicentini can you put that in the test list?

  • @Giggiux
    How can the tactic give the same results more or less everytime?
    According to statistics and SI themselves, each games has a randomness factor, within a gamecode that takes into account certain things, like Attributes, Morale, Fitness, Personality. But if you instant result the same tactic, with the same players, over 10 times, you get will get 8-9 different outcomes almost every time. Each player will not perform all the same things in two games in a row, even if they are the same games.

    If your tests get the same results everytime with the same tactics, then your tactic testing is somewhat flawed.
    Unless there are factors that I do not know of, or cannot fathom. 😄

  • Unless the testing is "sandboxed".
    In which case, tactic tests are not a realistic offer of how they perform in our games, since the randomness factor is missing.

  • Admin

    What do you mean by sandboxed?

    By the way, i'll let @MrLangvatn answer here, since he's the creator of the testing league and the testing system, I just automated it 😉

  • Admin

    I'm not sure what you mean by sandboxed either 🙂 Can you explain?

  • Admin

    The singular match results are not the same every time, but the overall result after 180 matches is very similar in a re-test. The most important factor is the number of games.

  • Hehe, I'll try my very best to explain what I mean, and what I would like answered.

    You test a tactic - is that a one-time test or a series of test to get an average estimate on how well it works?
    Giggiux explains that re-testing the same tactic, would in most cases yield the same test result.
    I don't understand how it can yield the same results, as the game also has a randomness factor.
    If you try and instant result the same tactic, with the same match, and same players - just like re-loading after the game and just instant resulting again - the game will not give you same outcomes. 7-8 times out of 10, you will get different results, therefor different amounts of goals scored.
    Also players do not pull of the same passes, shots, tackles in every game.

    So all in all - how can a tactic give you the same wins, draws and losses over several tests?

    And if I am right. A tactic performing to a top 3 rating on the tactic table, might land on a 5th place on a second testing run.

  • Admin

    @Martin-Bahn Did you read my post above? 🙂

    It is the number of matches that makes results somewhat similar after all matches are played. If re-testing singular matches, then results can vary greatly, as you say. If a tactic is unlucky for 10 games, this will have less effect the more games we test. Given enough matches, "luck" will have minor importance.

    Regarding your last comment there, yes, since the rating/points between the top tactics differ so little from each other, a re-test can of course make the nr 3 tactic become the nr 5. This is why we don't want people to look at the table as an absolute truth about what is best, but rather as an index of good tactics to try out and find their own favourite.

  • @MrLangvatn I completely agree with your point about you not wanting people to see the tactic table as an absolute truth.
    However, most people will see the table and think that the top tactics are the overall best.

    I asked Giggiux to see if I could get this tactic, "5230 SET" re-tested. Because on other forums, and through 100's of peoples own tests, it has yielded extraordinary results. Some have given it a tweak here or there. But overall this tactic are by many people rated as one of the best for this years ME.

    But on this website, its doing just average. And makes me wonder how 50 players get superb/great results - but a test here only gets okay/good results.

    This tactic has been player tested in the lower leagues, mid leagues and high end leagues, all with great results. Not many tactics can do that.

    I've had several saves going the last month.
    An unbeaten run in the Premier League with Southampton.
    Promotion to Ligue 1, with Le Havre in France, with only 2 losses.
    And a double promotion within two years with Gateshead in the National League, into League 1 in England.

    I have yet to encounter any, ANY tactic that can produce the same results. 😄

  • Admin

    @Martin-Bahn The difference between 300 and 330 points is literally nothing! The reason why you see the result as "okay" in our test is because we have tested 167 tactics... We cannot say for sure that a 330 point tactic is better than a 300 point one.. Other tactic tests have like 30 tactics tested. If we had tested only 30 tactics, then it would be in the top, as it was for a long time.

  • @MrLangvatn Sorry... 10% of the games win or lose is not literally nothing, on a tactic table, where tactics are sometimes divided by the smallest of margins like 10 goals. 😆

    But that is fair enough. I respect how you test the tactics, and I do also try out most tactics on the website.
    I only wanted to share, what I thought was a surprising difference between two forums, with just one tactic.

  • Admin

    @Martin-Bahn If we had the time, we would test tactics in league-specific databases. Maybe we will find time to do this in the future, if we increase our staff a little bit or something. The only problem with the test now is that it shows which tactics are the better ones in general. With league-specific testing we would be able to identify which tactics are the better ones in England, Spain, Italy, etc.

  • Admin

    And, you also forget that our test doesn't show the EXACT same results every test, even though they don't differ alot. So those 10% you talk about can really be 2%..


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