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Gegenpressing - The best playmaker in world football - Season 1

  • If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2 of this series as of yet they outline the basic premise and initial tactical setup that I will use to try to recreate Jurgen Klopp's Gegenpressing style and my initial results using the tactic in pre-season.

    The tactical premise is based on the following simple principle:

    No playmaker in the world can be as good as a good counter pressing situation

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  • Admin

    Enjoyable read! 🙂 Good stuff from you as always 🙂

  • Nice read, that was EXACTLY the tactic i was waiting for to start a long time save.

    4-4-1-1, many support duties, solid defence

  • @HTC nice man! Let me know how it goes!

  • @Smiff Until now, 13 matches, 8 wins, 3 draws, 2 loses. 21 scored, 10 conceeded (6 of them in 2 matces, 1 against ManU and 1 complenancy league match). Iam Panathinaikos and so far this tactic was exactly what i wanted. A realistic solid tactic to base my team, were two banks of four will defend good and two world class players upfront will make the difference.

    I choose my WMs (its evident that same goes with my CMs) to be like attacking wing backs so that they defend well and have more chances of winning the ball within your tactic and OIs instructions.

    Only problem i have is easy scoring but truth is i like that so that i can interfeer with things. No big changes. Substitutions, having a player with really good free kicks (Lucas Olaza), teamtalks. Only two changes i made two times was my CML in DML position in acrucial match i had to deal with AMC and setting my DLR in defend duty in a derby match were i had to face attacking AML/R and later on 3 Strikers.

    I will deal with this by buying a really good pair of playmaker / striker.

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