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Newal17 From FM17 Tactics and Set Piece Tips and Advice Facebook group

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    This tactic was created by a member of our group. It is, in my opinion, the most effective tactic for Fm17. Was very successful in the group for FM15,16 and had been tweaked for Fm17. Corners and set pieces are also set and have received good feedback from the group.
    Now I wish for you guys to please test and give some feedback.
    The tactic, as always, works best when fluid. I have tested with Wolves, Braintree Auxerre and Schalke and had fantastic results. It is a plug and play but can be slightly tweaked to suit needs. But I found the tactic needs time to work and be patient.
    Opposition instructions are handled by Assistant but manager should do team talks.

    0_1485457646011_Wolverhampton Wanderers FC_  Overview.png
    0_1485457668302_Wolverhampton Wanderers FC_  Team.png
    0_1485457684755_Wolverhampton Wanderers FC_ Set Pieces Corners-4.png
    0_1485457694318_Wolverhampton Wanderers FC_  Senior Fixtures.png
    0_1485457707160_Wolverhampton Wanderers FC_  Senior Fixtures-2.png 0_1485457751606_Wolverhampton Wanderers FC_  Opposition Instructions.png
    I think this tactic is the most effective I have used but needs testing. Please feedback your results.
    Works for Lower and World class teams.

    Keep average age of squad to 22-24.
    Rotate squad only when fitness of player is <94%
    Try to have like for like player replacement. ( Usually I have a main player and a younger understudy who is being tutored by the man player.)
    Follow the training programme I have posted. Let assistant set player focus.
    Good Luck.

  • Admin

    Sounds like a great tactic mate!

    Added to the to-be-tested list! 🙂


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