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[FM 17.2.1] • • • MiNiMaL_FuSS - FuSStigate 1.5 || 4-1-2-2-1 • • •

  • FuSStigate - to beat severely with a club.

    The tactic is built on two key concepts stolen from Jose :
    • The team that makes the least mistakes wins - hence the narrow, slow and short passing game.
    • An adaptation of his famous Trivote - 2 attacking midfielders that also harrow, harass and tackle, aiming to win the ball up the pitch, backed up by a supporting DM who fills the space behind them and creates passing triangles.

    I generally use control - but when playing a much bigger/better I'll switch down to standard (both versions are below to download).

    Load 3 versions of the tactic into all 3 tactical slots, it'll train quicker.

    Team Talks
    Do them yourself, seriously, assistants are just rubbish at them, even the best assistants.
    • Be harsh! Ask yourself what the stereotypical Sir Alex would have done .
    • Before I match: I usually aggressively expect a result, followed by individually assertively telling them I have faith.
    • At half time: (even if my teams winning) if most of my team have below 7 performance I will aggressively tell them it's not good enough, those that don't respond to that (or respond badly) I will individually tell they were not good enough assertively.

    Opposition Instructions
    • I don't usually use them unless it's not going well in the first 20 minutes against a far superior opponent, then I tend to close-down/tight-mark/hard-tackle/weaker-foot their ST/AML/AMR positions - mark the positions, not the people.

    Team Selection
    • DO NOT LET YOUR ASSISTANT MANAGER PICK YOUR TEAM - he will tend to pick AMCs in the wide positions, this will kill you, use wingers (or even strikers!)

    ST - Complete Forward (Support):
    • Type of player: You need a fast Target Man, hard to come by admittedly, but worth their weight in gold (think: Lukaku).
    • Best stats: Finishing, Heading, Composure, Acceleration, Jumping, Dribbling.
    • Good PPMs: "Gets Into Opposition Area", "Plays One-Twos" .

    AML/R - Inside Forwards (Support):
    • Type of player: A traditional winger but with good finishing and shooting (think: Sanchez).
    • Best stats: Dribbling, Finishing, Acceleration, Pace, Crossing, Long Shots.
    • Good PPMs: "Gets Forward Whenever Possible", "Runs With Ball Often", "Cuts Inside From The X Wing", "Plays Short Simple Passes".

    MCL/R - CM (Attack)
    • Type of player: A box-to-box type player, a battering ram, charges into the box from deep and takes on shots (think: Lampard).
    • Best stats: First Touch, Passing, Dribbling, Long Shots, Acceleration.
    • Good PPMs: "Gets Forward Whenever Possible", "Gets Into Opposition Area".

    DMC - DM (Defend):
    • Type of player: Aggressive defensive midfielder, will look to attack the ball and break up opposition play (think: Kante).
    • Best stats: Tackling, Work Rate, Positioning, Stamina, Concentration, Aggressive, Acceleration.
    • Good PPMs: "N/A"

    FB's - FB (Attack):
    • Type of player: Defensive duties come first, but some good attacking attributes will give you width and crossing (think: Rose).
    • Best stats: Marking, Tackling, Work Rate, Acceleration, Crossing, Dribbling.
    • Good PPMs: "Runs With Ball Down The X", "Runs With Ball Often".

    CB's - Defender:
    • Type of player: Jumping and Heading are important as I play a high line and they'll often need to clear the ball as it comes in. You'll also need good acceleration (anticipation is a huge bonus too) so they don't get beaten by balls over-the-top on the counter.
    • Best stats: Heading, Marking, Tackling, Jumping, Strength, Acceleration, Anticipation.
    • Good PPMs: "N/A"

    GK - Keeper:
    • Type of player: One-on-ones is particularly important as this tactic often has it's fullbacks pressing quite high-up the field.
    • Best stats: Handling, Reflexes, Arial Reach,Command of Area.
    • Good PPMs: "N/A"


    1.5 Control:

    1.5 Standard:

    1.5 Counter:

    Key Changes

    • I finally realised that I'd been making quite big mistake in my previous versions. I'd been telling my IFs to "sit narrow" because I wanted them to attack and get in goal scoring positions. But "Sit Narrow" is part of the "what to do when the team has the ball instructions", so actually I was making them harder to pick out with a pass, often leaving them largely uninvolved. What I really wanted them to do was "sit wider" and then "cut inside", which seems to have made a huge difference to the attacking aspects of the tactic.

    What should happen now, is that you see a W from the front 5 when your team wins the ball, with the attacking CMs pushing forward to fill in the attacking gaps.

    This keeps the fullbacks out-wide to mark the IF's, which creates space for your on charging CMs and overloads a back 3 or 4, alternatively if the IF gets the ball, he will cut inside as expected.

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  • the link for Counter is the same as for standard?

  • Admin

    Added to test list

  • Admin

    Seems like your standard and your counter versions are the same file. Mistake?


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