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MrLTactics Announce: what's happening?

  • Admin

    I think we must give you a brief explanation of what's happening.

    We started really well: over 45 tactics tested and a lot of active users every day. Then everyday life kicked us really hard.

    Everyone in the staff (me, @MrLangvatn, @Fra, @Lucio-Vicentini, @Smiff, @Hector) had a lot to do the last month: university, school, job, family or holidays. That's not an excuse of not being present OFC, but this site is not our job, we do not earn money from it. Indeed, we barely repay the server and the domain.

    But we're still here. We're talking about how to make this one of the best gaming community on the web. We want to keep it alive and gave something different to you.
    That's what we did when we started: we (Kenneth, MrL at the record 😛 ) created this process to compare tactics in a neutral way. But that's just the first step. We have a lot of other ideas. And that's what this announce is about: keeping you informed that we're actually working on the site.

    Since some of them are still in the modeling phase, I just share with you the closest to get online:

    • I'm working on automating the FM's tactics testing process, so that we'll need just 5 minutes to queue and publish the results, instead of taking ~45 minutes waiting for the whole process for a single tactic.* (I will write a #devBlog about it soon).

    • We're planning to expands the site to other games like Path of Exile and Motorsport Manager.

    *It does't mean that we can test a tactic in 5 minutes, but that for the tester takes only 5 minutes instead of 45.

    😕 ... Well I think that's all for now.

    See you soon! 🙂

  • Admin

    BTW I'm waiting the release of FM Fitness Coach for 17.2.1 to start testing again 😃

  • IMHO, this site should just focus on FM tactics first and then the other aspects of the game like tutorial, skins, tools and etc. By doing these you'll be able to attract traffics from FM sites like fmbase, fmscout and etc. You can include other games when you have conquered FM otherwise I can see this fail trying too many things at once. Back to FM tactics, I would like to see some of the best tested tactics to be try in an actual save by someone and he should write a review of the tactic after end of season. Just my 2 cent, glad you guys are back. Good luck!

  • Admin

    @pwolf Well, one thing is that I personally don't play Football Manager 12 months a year 🙂 I do play other games as well, and it would be nice to share builds/tactics for those other games when I'm not currently playing FM 😛 The same goes for other crew members I guess!

    Regarding the tactic testing, we are just waiting for FM Fitness Coach to be released for 17.2.1, then we can try Luigi's new automated test tool. If everything works as intended, this will make it easier for us to test tactics more often 🙂

  • Are you sharing test league? and automated test tool?

    Usually play CIV this time of year but VI is so poor, may look at path of exile.

  • Admin

    @Knap Path of Exile is a truly great game 🙂 Highly recommended!

  • Admin

    @Knap This is the testing league 🙂

    We will not share the automated test tool.

  • FM Fitness Coach has been updated. Time to start testing 🙂

  • May I suggest a thread to list all tactics that's in the test queue so that we know what to expect? This will certainly create more excitement for visitors.

  • @pwolf said in MrLTactics Announce: what's happening?:

    May I suggest a thread to list all tactics that's in the test queue so that we know what to expect? This will certainly create more excitement for visitors.

    I second that! 😄

  • Admin

    I happy to let you know that the first tactic is under testing!

    I hope there aren't bug 😂 (there shouldn't be ;))
    In the worst case we'll restart 🙂

    Regarding the test queue, in the future I think is gonna be possible to do that! 🙂 Now I don't have enough time 😟


  • @Giggiux Great news. No doubt there will be lots of people hitting the refresh button!

  • Admin

    @cricketdave694 😂 they're gonna do that for a lot of time: It takes ~45/50 minutes to test a single tactic

  • Admin

    The first tactic is online! Already working on the second! 😃

    We're back 😉

    PS: the values set to -1 are like that because there is no way to automatically export them from the game 😞 But you can ask for them and one of us could retrieve those!

  • Admin

    So, the whole automated testing process relies on 2 programs really unstable (FM Fitness Coach and WiLMa). They works, but can happen that they crash 😛
    This means that sometimes (every 2/3 tactic tested) I need to restart the tool. Next week I'll try to make it more stable so that the testing not only is continuous, but also takes the same time for every tactic 😉


  • @Giggiux So has testing stopped until then?

  • Admin

    @cricketdave694 nono, still going 🙂 It may takes 1h for tactic instead of 45 min, but it's still going.

    The only thing is that the night may stop if one of those programs crash, and since I'm sleeping I cannot restart it 😛
    I woke up 20 minutes ago and I restart it, so next tactic will be online more or less at 11 🙂

  • Just wanna thank you for doing this and ask how can we submit a tactic for you to test? I think a found a really good one(not made by me) and i wanted to see how it fared against all tactics.

  • Admin

    @Not-Joss Just post it in Tactics -> Development Zone with all informations about that 🙂


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