This site is losing steam...

  • @Martin-Bahn As I said in the other thread, this website "died" long before holiday season started.
    Basically, after the first, huge batch of tactics were tested, it started going downhill.
    You're right in one thing, though, there's still time to make things running again. :)

  • @shirajzl I agreed. One tactic per day is quite doable. Just rotate the testers like rotating your player in football or FM :)

  • @Martin-Bahn Well IMO they setup this website so that it could be something big. As in any kind of work, you won't success if you don't go to the limit, just like a football player you have to give your best and die on the field :) You have to sacrifice for success.

  • I like this website, I like where it is going.
    And if I could, I'd gladly give more to it than what I currently am.

    However the holidays coupled with a 20 day old baby on my hands, time isnt a luxury I have.
    Also, I lack the tools and the knowledge to test tactics fully.

    I test tactics in my own saves as they come and if I like them of course.
    I hope to see this site grow and expand, but I don't know if that is the goal.
    As I understand it, the site is for testing tactics - but if it where to expand, I'd love to help out in any way I could.

  • @Martin-Bahn Let's just hope they pick up where they left off :)

  • Admin

    Hi guys!

    Our programmer, Luigi, is working on a solution which may take a lot of the workload off of us in regard to the tactic testing. The current time is very busy for all of us, sorry for that :) We don't make any money on the site, so we can't really prioritize it over our paying jobs :) Sometimes we will be posting a lot of content, other times less content, and some times no content (for example around Christmas time, kindergarden closed etc.)

    As mentioned above, the patch came at a bad time for us, making all our work obsolete at a time when we are unable to re-test all the tactics.

    I can only speak for myself, but at the moment I am juggling work, finishing my master thesis and my children (kindergarden is still closed).

    Sorry for my absence lately, and I wish everyone a happy Christmas holiday and a happy new year!

    Mr L

  • Are we any nearer to the resuming of testing?

  • @MrLangvatn
    As say in one proverb - Long harness, but quickly goes ;)
    Hope your team create solution, this will be amazing

  • @MrLangvatn Understood. Hope you guys will be back soon. This site has the potential to take over the fmbase tactic sharing section which imo has become a sick fan boy section where they only care about the author's name instead of the tactic itself. Only one of the top ten tactic being tested here has received it's deserved attention while tons of mediocre tactics were continuesly being produced and praised by the fan boys.

  • @pwolf Yes, FM base has gone to shit (the tactics downloads section). There are several mediocre tactics released every week, which only work with specific type of players under specific circumstances that appeared in the author's saves.
    On top of that, the "main guy" TFF has been releasing average tactics at best this year, and yet his fanboy army is behind him every step of the way.
    And I won't even dwell on people testing and creating tactics with Man Utd, Juventus, Ajax, Porto...

  • @shirajzl word! I am using the gamebreaker tactic to great success with Hertha BSC and other mid- and low-level teams, but it somehow just flies under the radar.
    There are currently 2-3 contributers with a large fanbase, who just sweep away all the attention of potentially great tactics.

  • The site is dead. Lets move on

  • @Fox13 said in This site is losing steam...:

    The site is dead. Lets move on

    I don't think it's dead yet, but it sure lost a lot of people and their interest.
    That's a big shame because it had great potential. I don't think the new, quicker testing method will help because, whenever it comes, it comes way too late at this point. Loads of people have stop visiting this site, I'm afraid.

  • Admin


    Well, actually that's not quite true:
    yes, we lost more or less 50% of the daily visitors, but we still have more than 1000 people checking the site every day :) And monthly statistics are always the same!

    I can assure you: the site is not dead at all ;)

  • @HerthaBSC which tactic is that?

  • @Jon_00

    The Gamebreaker by Reckonist.
    Can be downloaded from Steam Workshop or FMScout.

  • Do you know training and OI about that tactic?

  • Read the post. :)

  • Read but can't find them!

  • @I.D.E.A
    Google -> The Gamebreaker Reckonist

    And first few posts should be from FMScout.

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