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  • Admin

    What do you think we can do to improve our site? Just tell us by replying to this post! We will be very pleased to hear you!

  • Well done the forum looking good good idea to up the notification on desktop 🗡

  • Hello Guys! Nice looking site and I am sure the content would be great. Keep up the good work I will definitely following!


  • Reaching 1000 users in minutes...3...2...1 👌

  • Admin

    @zyndar Good result in just a few days! 😉

  • Guys, I have to say: Hats off! Your are doing something very unique here, all the community must be grateful to all of you. This site is amongst my favourites at home and at work and my home page is an empty page atm, but who knows... 🙂 Anyway, keep up the brilliant work and this site will be truly the number one choice when it comes to FM. Thanks Mr L, Fra, Giggiux, Lucio Vicentini, alainalex09, Hector, Smiff. Did I left anyone?

  • Admin

    @zyndar Thanks mate 🙂 And, you didn't leave anyone 🙂 That's the 7 of us!

  • You guys should definitely add "Author" as a new column in Tactics Table.

    Other than that, awesome site.

  • Admin

    @Scar It's quite complicated to add right now, but for the future it can be a thing! 😃
    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Admin

    @Scar Giggiux already replied but I just want to add that now you can find the original thread of the tactic, so you can check the author and all his tips about how to use the tactic.

  • @Fra Absolutely, most of the time you're able to figure it out that way but not always. But most importantly, I think it's only fair to the authors to give them front-end credit for their creations.


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