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itsZdan 5-2-3 Devil Tactic

  • One more 3 CD's tactic.
    Original page from FMScout -


    A lot of people call this tactic 'the greatest'. Let's check this? 🙂

    alt text

    This is a very simple tactic at the base of the tactic is my 4231 which got a lot of positive feedback from.

    Sweeper Keeper is self explanatory

    Ball Playing Defenders faster ones on the sides, best header in the middle

    Complete Wing Backs should be fast, good crossers but don't forget they also defend!

    Ball Winning Midfielder should also be able to pass the ball accurately

    Deep Laying Playmaker should also have good longshots

    Complete Forwards should all be fast, best shooter and header in the middle, right and left one swap position to destroy opposition defense so there is no need to be worried with best foot

    When in need of a goal turn tactic to Attacking instead of Control

    No OI's, NEVER let Assistant Manager do OI's, it can destroy tactics


    • Preason: Fitness - Match Tactics
    • Season: Balanced - Teamwork

  • Please add this tactic to testing list

  • Seems the 3-4-3 Watford but with some different players roles. Looks interesting

  • Admin

    It's the next I'm gonna test today 🙂

  • Admin

    Tested 🙂

  • I was expecting better for underdog

  • Wow, I expected results similar to 343 watford, but alas...

  • @shirajzl MythBusters 🙂

  • Nice Evolution of the 3-4-3 Watford Tactic 🙂
    Im testing it for a couple Hours now and made a few little Changes:

    • untick "shorter Passes2 at the CWB
    • changed the right Striker to F9. Main Reason was that i have some good F9 from the Watford Tactic with great Technic and Playmaker Skills that dosnt fit the CF Role well. But works with 1 F9 too
    • i let the left and middle Striker switch Positions so the playmaking F9 is always the same Player
    • selected "mixed Crosses"

    This Tactic is defensiv a bit more stable as the Watford but creates more more good Shots and the amount of Crosses is insane. I have 60-70 Crosses in every Game. Just around 20% of them connect but 20% of 60+ is a lot 🙂

    Great Work!

  • @Maddux "This Tactic is defensiv a bit more stable as the Watford but creates more more good Shots"
    Wait, that means this tactic is altogether better than Watford. Testing surely shows otherwise.

  • Is it me or this tactic produces much, MUCH less long shots than 343 watford?
    From what I've seen in 10 games or so I've tested it, the quality of shots is improved compared to watford. Have to agree with Maddux on that.
    I am wondering, though, why it tested relatively poorly...

  • Yes, thats the funny Part. Almost all of my Shots from outside of the Box are from the CMs while the Watford has sometimes a lot of Long Shots from the Strikers even with "work Ball into Box".

    Maybe we should try the Watford with "look for Overlap" instead of "work Ball into Box" and see what happens.

  • Overall, when playing normally, the results seem VERY similar, but 523 zdan looks like it's creating higher quality chances and much less long shots.
    On the other hand, 343 watford tested so much better than zdan.

    I'm baffled, to say the least.

  • Admin

    Well, it's only <40 points of difference over 180 matches it means ~7% of difference, it means like 8 points less on a tournament of 22 teams, it's not that much 🙂
    And if you see Goal Scored and Goal Conceded, the difference is much much less. The tactics are very similar in the numbers 😉

  • 7% isnt much and you need to have in Mind that having a bit more Luck in Front of the Goal can have a huge Impact on the overall Result.

    Ive made around a douzen Matches with the Watford Tactic but the TIs of the Devil Tactics (higher Tempo instead of much higher) and switched the WBs to CWB like in the Devils Tactic and the Results are amazing.

    • less Long Shots from the Strikers
    • a lot more Crosses and CCCs
    • faster Ball Transition and more Key Passes
    • you lose the Ball less often because of the faster and shorter Passing
    • and the Poacher goes crazy

    The next thing i will try is the Devils Tactic with higher Tempo instead of much higher and a Poacher instead of CF-A and see what happens.

    Devil Tactic with Poacher

    Watford with Devil TIs

  • @Maddux "and the Poacher goes crazy" I actually don't like this part because you rely on one guy converting the chances or you're fucked. And we know how much FM likes to do it. 🙂
    That's the thing I noticed on watford tactic, F9s are here to build the attack, stretch the defence, but poacher is the one who scores majority of goals.
    In devil tactic, all three CFs get into quality chances equally often, resulting in goals spread much better. All three create for each other, not just two false nines creating for poacher and hoping he scores.

  • What i have seen while testing the Devil Tactic is that many Crosses dont find a Target because the CF-A isnt sitting on a Line with the last Defenders and comes 1 Step to late to put his Foot in. A Poacher does exactly that, sitting on a Line with the last Defender.
    It isnt that just the Poacher is scoring, you just connect your Crosses a bit better to the central Striker and have some Key Passes from the outside Strikers or CMs to the Poacher.
    The other 2 Strikers, the CMs and the WBs/CWBs are scoring too.

    I didnt had enough Games played to say what could be better, the original Devil, the Devil with a Poacher or the Watford with Devil TIs. But i like the Movement of the Poacher a bit more as the Movement of the CF-A atm.

    But to be honest, both original Tactics are great Work by the OPs because they work with almost no Changes. You just need to do the small little Changes it always needs to make the Tactic fit perfect to your Squad and personal Style.

  • @Giggiux Could you help please?
    I want to create one new topic with new tactic,
    But then I click 'sent' , error Post content was flagged as spam by
    WTF? 🙂

    upd - delete link to fmscout and error disabled oO

  • @Maddux It makes sense, but when playing against parked buses we come back to that point of poacher not contributing to anything and not finding space in an overcrowded area. Maybe play poacher against teams that attack you, and leave CF(a) against team which only defend.

    Keep trying the poacher tweak of the devil, curious to see your observations after more games.

    I'm still directly comparing and testing original watford and devil in parallel. Still finding watford to have the same old issues; if you don't score early enough, your team just spams long shots so you basically rely on one of them going in or a set piece. Devil doesn't have that issue because it spams crosses which are almost as deadly here as they were in FM 16.

  • Has anyone tried this with the new patch?
    It was actually better than 343 watford on the last patch, as we discussed. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet on the new patch.


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