Counterattacking 4-4-2

  • Howdy,

    I've set myself a challenge this year to create my own successful tactic in FM, something that I've avoided doing in previous years by sticking mostly to third party tactics. After lots of experimenting, i've settled on a 4-4-2 that has blown me away on my own saves.

    This tactic was originally (loosely) inspired based on Iceland's results in the Euros. I worked from several different articles and created a very basic version of this, focusing on two attacking triangles (FB->AP->WM and AP->DLF->AFA) while keeping a distinct, compact spatial shape at the back.

    Offensively speaking, this tactic has the ability to hit the opponent on the break, break opponents down through solid movement from all of the attacking players, as well as unlocking defenses through through ball/cross opportunities. It really can do all of the above and make for some great looking goals. Possession is still high although not groundbreaking; expect to be in the top half of the league. Generally speaking, I've finished near top on shots taken, shots on target, passes completed, and goals scored.

    On the defensive side, the wide midfielders help to disrupt an opponents wide crossing game (which has been strong for the last few years) and compresses very well for possession-focused opponents. You'll notice that the players really aren't making a ton of challenges; in the season below, I finished 7th in the league on goals allowed, yet dead last place on challenges made. It's all about forcing the opponents away from goal rather than making desperate tackles.

    This isn't a hyper-optimized tactic, it's very basic with only a few instructions to both players and the team as a whole. I don't expect it to destroy the opposition when tested, but it's certainly been able to do so within my own saves.

    For players, I recommend well rounded wide midfielders that have strong creative and chance-creating stats with at least adequate finishing. They don't need to be defensive experts, but obviously it will help seal things at the back. Both forwards should be able to both create and finish effectively - this gives you multiple angles when on the counter. I would ensure that you have a very good long throw taker, as well at least one player with good corners, crossing, and free kick stats. Otherwise, you can focus on the roles as they stand within the game.

    Now, for screenshots:

    First season results
    Team instructions
    League Salaries

    Download Tactic

  • Admin

    Can you upload the tactic file mate? :) And perhaps use the "upload image" button for those screenshots, so that they show in the opening post :)

  • @MrLangvatn

    Fixed! Sorry, was still editing.

  • does the widemidfeld be quick? i found it har to find WM that is quick.. the fast ones is more like wingers

  • @Jimmy-Tingström

    Nope, as far as I can tell, it's not required. My best WM was a 35 year old playmaker-type who was also my primary free-kick taker. Very strong crossing/passing abilities and good mentals, only maybe 10 accelleration and pace.

  • Admin

    Added to the list of tactics that we have to test! ;)

  • @Fra Hey Fra - still planning to test this? :)

  • Admin

    @sidekickraider Yes it's still on the list. I'm sorry we're all really busy. Soon or later you'll see the results ;)

  • Admin

    @sidekickraider Results posted ;)

  • @Fra No worrries! Thanks for testing it out.

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