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  • Finally a 4-4-2 which seems to be working, but it needs more testing, so it would be great to have it tested guys.


    0_1480282636613_Crystal Palace FC_  Overview-10.png
    0_1480282519296_Crystal Palace FC_  Opposition Instructions.png
    0_1480370476887_Premier League_ Overview Stages-2.png
    0_1480370485141_Premier League_ Stats Team Overview-2.png

    0_1480370531931_HANNIBAL DEFENSIVE_09F2C1DB-F2E8-460A-B37C-0FF38A4A85D8.fmf

  • Admin

    @zyndar Added to the list of tactics that we need to test 😉

  • A short test of this tactic.
    Save wins, though too many yellow cards for my taste.
    But if you don't get red cards, this tactic seems very solid defensively.

    alt text

    Since I might just be lucky - I'm going to keep testing this tactic until end of season.
    Some changes we're made to my team/game.

    • Made some signings that proved very successful.
    • The game is with fake staff/players
    • English lower league database

    No other changes/edits we're made.

  • @Martin-Bahn thanks for the test again! Waiting for the year end screens. Please note that this kind of aggressive tactics might receive a lot of yellows in lower league.

  • Yes, I am sure that LLM gives more yellows and reds.
    But I also believe that 4-4-2 is better in LLM, or any other version of 4-4-2, since is basic structure is less demanding on players and their roles.

  • Updated with full season results.

    0_1480370595793_Premier League_ Overview Stages-2.png
    0_1480370603805_Premier League_ Stats Team Overview-2.png

  • Admin

    @zyndar WOW!

  • After a request, I've started to test this 4-4-2, (Hannibal) tactic in the danish leagues.
    I've chosen a Skive BK, A NordicBet liga side, currently expected to end 12th, bottom of the 2nd division in Denmark.
    So a rather tough challenge for this tactic.

    After pre-season and a couple of liga matches and some much needed signings to strengthen the side, and to get the most out of this tactic, the schedule currently looks like this....

    alt text

    After my signings and the first couple of matches, my side are now expected to finish 9th. 3 steps up from first expectations.
    And as you can see, this tactic, not even fluid is performing admirably.
    I shall continue to post, as I go through the season.

  • I thought I'd share some things with you.
    I have two philosophies, that I always try to build my teams around.

    • Youth Development
    • Moneyball
      What is moneyball you ask? -

    Now, this club that I am currently managing, Skive BK, does not really have the facilities to help me build around Youth Development.

    alt text

    So, developing youth will not be a priority this time round' 😆
    But, Moneyball is very much a philosophy I will build around with this club. Why?

    • Low transfer budget
    • Low wage budget
    • several players on "no-contracts"

    So I cannot go round' looking for the creme de la creme
    So I will work my scouts into the ground, and make damn sure I get value for money.

    My club have a working relationship with "FC Midtjylland" one of the premier teams in Denmark, and very good youth development.
    So when I noticed my affiliate had some exemplary youth just sitting in the reserves, I hurried my scouts over there and within 3 weeks, I quickly poached for myself, what I regard to a SUPERB supporting midfielder for this tactic, and my team - and best of all - I got him on a 2-season loan, without having to pay a damn thing!

    His name, is Kaan Kairinen.

    alt text

    As you can see... 14 first touch, 15 long shots, 14 passing, 14 technique, 14 anticipation, 14 flair, 15 off the ball, 15 vision... A terrifying playmaker in the danish 2nd division...

    Now on to the games I've recently played, "that also included Kaan Kairinen" ...He just makes the team SO much better.

    alt text

    ...And remember, keep your teams morale high - the boost is has on team form is astounding.

  • @Martin-Bahn Thanks Martin for the test! The results are great, I hope it continues!

  • Here is a temporary Team Report with various statistics for your enjoyment.

    alt text

    PS. I've changed the Center Midfielder on Defend, into a Deeplying Midfielder on Defend.
    Reasoning was I want a playmaker in my team, and that role change in the defensive center mid, was the least intrusive. 😆

  • Sadly this afternoon, my game crashed.
    I've forgotten to save it since I created my save.
    So all data is now lost - Sorry Zyndar 😭

  • @Martin-Bahn You should auto-save every month at least 😃

  • I've had it turned off since beta, cause it made my game crash to desktop. 😆

  • @Martin-Bahn It is great to have you in this site. You provide a lot of useful information.

  • @Hector Thanks mate. 🙂

  • So. I decided to give this another shot.
    New team, same country (my country).

    Here are my initial findings...

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    So definitely not a poor tactic by miles.
    This league I'm playing in Denmark, is (Current Ability wise) aprox same as Vanarama National League top teams and League 2 middle/bottom teams.

    I shall continue to play with this tactic as it is working dandy for me.
    If more screenshots are wanted, I'll post them.

  • I'll also add some rather different findings that I've made trough the years.
    Two rather undervalued attributes by many a FM player.

    • Decisions
    • Concentration

    It is important that your players make the correct decisions when on the ball - and therefor make fewer mistakes.
    Goalkeepers use decisions to ask themselves whether they should run out and grab the ball, or wait for it and try and save it.
    Defenders use decisions to decide whether or not to slide tackle or shoulder tackle.
    Midfielders who see much of the ball use this attribute the most. Should I move forward, track back, pass wide, pass direct, pass short?
    And finally Strikers... Is a shot at goal the best decision, or should I pass to a team mate in a better position - and where should I place my shot if I do decide to shoot.

    Now concentration, that tells us how long and how often the player can use his decision attribute during the game.
    So if you have central defenders and central midfielders with both good decisions and concentration attributes, you should see fewer if any mistakes in the match reports from these players. And also see a better pass ratio as well.

    Just thought I'd share this little tip with you, whether or not you already knew it. 👅

  • @Martin-Bahn Great feedback as always Martin! I hope your run continues and don't forget to save often! 😃 Can you show the assist types from the goals analysis tab - without friendlies, of course.

  • alt text

    Was it this you wanted?


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