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[FM17.1.2] Little Wonder 4-1-3-2

  • formation – 4-1-3-2

    0_1480247892386_Little Wonder.png


    Hi I am Shep171 long time lurker first time poster (be gentle). Back in FM 15 I created a tactic based on this formation called Cronus. For me it played the kind of football I enjoy to watch i.e. possession based with an attacking intent. It was loosely based on the style of play I enjoyed in a FIFA Pro club called Infusion Soccer. I took the formation and play style of the team to see if it would translate to FM. I also implemented the player instructions to emulate the play style of the guys I was playing with. To my surprise it worked and quickly became my preferred formation translating well in either top or lower league management.
    In FM 16 I experimented with the formation trying a 433 with 3 STS, 433 with 2 Ifs and with a AMC instead of a DM, settling for the latter as it seemed more balanced and again retained the style of play I wanted. This time named as Return of The king I created a dynasty at Stade Rennais in an online career save with friends playing attractive football.
    So FM 17 Beta arrives and I again go with my formation from FM 16 ROTK but couldn’t quite get it to work as I wanted. So I went back to my roots and tried Cronus again and again had the type of football I enjoy.
    So after using the Beta period to try different combinations in defence, midfield, strikers and strategy I settled on a set up I think gives balance, stability and above all results.
    Be warned like any tactic it is only part of the story. You need to manage your team effectively (that part is down to you!). A good manager can in my opinion add 10 – 20 % to the efficiency of a tactic, maybe more but it defiantly plays a part in your success with any tactic.

    Little Wonder



    Team Shape

    Fluid (top teams) Structured (lower teams)

    Team Instructions 11

    Higher tempo, Narrow, Higher defensive line, Closing down more, Tighter marking, Get stuck in, Exploit the middle, Shorter passing, Be more expressive, Hit early crosses and Whipped crosses.

    Player Instructions

    GK SK Defend

    Pass it shorter, fewer risky passes, throw it long, Distribute to fullbacks and Distribute quickly.

    FB L/R Support

    Dribble less, Tackle harder, and Pass it shorter.

    Close down more, Tackle harder, Mark tighter, and Pass it shorter.

    CD R Cover

    Close down more, Tackle harder, Mark tighter, and Pass it shorter.

    DM Defend

    Tackle Harder, Pass it shorter, and Fewer risky passes.

    BTB Midfield L/R

    Shoot less often, Dribble less, Pass it shorter, Fewer risky passes, and Move into channels.

    CM Attack

    Shoot less often, Dribble less, Close down more, Pass it shorter, and Move into channels.

    DLF L Attack

    Shoot less often, Close down less, Roam from position and more risky passes.

    DLF R Support

    Shoot less often, close down less, Roam from position, Pass it shorter and Move into channels.

    Pre Season Training
    0_1480248049010_Pre Sesaon Training.png

    I always schedule at least 10 friendlies once every 3 days to speed up getting the tactic fluid. Before the last friendly takes place I switch to my season training regardless of whether the tactic is fluid or not.

    During Season Training
    0_1480248166623_Taranto New Season Training.png

    I use No Opposition Instructions at all feel free to experiment. I have not bothered with them myself as to be honest I am not sure how or if they affect the tactic.

    Team Talks

    To be honest these are down to you and the type of manager you choose to be. For me I believe in firm but fair, praise for good performances and a kick up the backside for poor performances. Be consistent and reasonable with both. After all if you lose to a top team in your league and you are bottom rated do they deserve to be chewed out? Maybe not but if an individual performance is low then tell that player you was disappointed with their performance. If your striker is consistently spurning chances then a private word in his shell like to up his performance or you will drop him can suddenly focus his attention.
    This game is called Football manager its up to you to manage your team to squeeze every ounce of performance from the players you have.


    Man Utd (just a test save)

    0_1480248228695_Man U season.png
    0_1480248268477_Man U team Stats overview.png
    0_1480248289242_Man U manager Stats.png
    No transfers in just the starting team.

    Taranto F.C. 1927 (my career save, humble beginnings and all that)

    I started unemployed, National C license, Sunday league footballer. First offer that came my way was Taranto F.C 1927 in the Italian Lega Pro Girone C

    Below is there form prior to me joining. Note I changed the team shape to structured everything else stayed the same. Experience in Lower leagues has taught me that this change helps the players at this level.

    0_1480248324949_Taranto form prior to me.png

    Form after I joined. Tactic not fluid at all so was happy to finish and meet the board’s expectations.

    0_1480248379335_Taranto after I joined.png

    End of season standings. Not too bad considering. Almost made a play off spot.

    0_1480248416214_Taranto First season standings.png

    My second season

    0_1480248451331_Taratino 2nd season.png

    Player’s types

    Well to be honest the filters in scouting for position are generally good enough to find the players you are after. But in the lower leagues they are not so important in my opinion. I much prefer to build a team based around the attributes I value the most. So what do I value the most you ask? In no specific order they are as follows:-

    Work rate

    After the above I then pay attention to a player’s technical ability.

    First touch

    After that it then depends on the position they are expected to play. Like anything in lower leagues you have to be pretty loose on what is acceptable, but I always look for the best I can get from the first list. This also applies at top teams where I will be more demanding in what I want before I part with cash.
    Above all I want to build a hard working team who will give there all for the team.
    I won’t make any player filter, that’s up to you to put your own stamp on the team as you build your squad.

    Final Thoughts

    I don’t profess to be a tactical guru. I don’t have all the answers; I am very much a trial and error kind of guy. But what I give you I think is a half way decent attempt at creating a possession based formation that plays a pleasing attacking style of football. I hope for those that choose to give it a go it proves successful. For those that it doesn’t work for I hope you find the one that brings what you are looking for and I am sorry it wasn’t me.

    A big thank you to those talented creators who have contributed to better my understanding of this game I seem to spend a lifetime playing. Without them I would not have been able to put something together I think is worthy of sharing.

    Lastly a big thank you to those who I had the pleasure to play Proclubs on FIFA with at Infusion Soccer the inspiration behind this formation and play style, you know who you are!
    I welcome any feedback both positive and negative where justified, all I ask is you give it a fair go and share any improvements you think work better. Happy Hunting.

    Tactic links
    0_1480250354681_Little Wonder 4-1-3-2_1C980CA9-C04B-45AB-B104-5AD198376951.fmf

    Lower Teams
    0_1480250373025_Little Wonder 4-1-3-2 Lower_1CFB88D0-1D6E-47EA-BAA5-925E16679E99.fmf

  • Admin

    Welcome to our forum mate! 🙂 Very glad you are here!

  • @MrLangvatn Many thanks for the welcome very happy to be here!.

  • @shep171 Top tactic, I have edited the attacking corners and free kicks and its doing even better for me now. Great against the big sides

  • @Viperblade Happy its working out for you. Set pieces are defiantly something that I need to improve on.


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