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fm 2018 tiki-taka?

  • why there is no tiki-taka tactic for fm 2018? i tried several times to create tiki-taka but i failed. i hope someone would create good tiki-taka tactic. and sorry for bad english.

  • @fexacana
    what means "tiki taka" ?

    • movement : high or very high
    • tempo : slow .... slow ... slow ... very quick
    • passing : short ... short ... look for tactical gaps or positioning mistakes .... short ... short ... long and quick
    • passing : short and safe ... short and safe ... wait ... short and safe ... pass into space, run and shoot
      Its very hard to recreate this in FM because there aren' some conditional instructions ("use low tempo if ... else", "use shorter passing if ... else").
      But the most important, you can not instruct you players to NOT try dumb actions (shoots, crosses or through balls) if they can use a simple and short pass to a teammate. And this is essential for tiki taka.

  • @fexacana
    Try this one:
    I`m loving it. I usually have around 65%-70% ball possession (but I mostly use it against weaker teams, since I have another good counter tactic for the stronger teams).


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