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Atlantic League for FM18

  • So in line with the re-ignition of interest from F.C. Copenhagen and a couple of other nations I have decided to produce a series of leagues with the Atlantic League blueprint in mind.

    The sole purpose of this is to increase the available finances and prestige of the clubs in these regions - with the aim hopefully to have some interesting European Football Competitions with clubs who nationally dominate but don't IRL have the money to compete with top 6 league clubs but now will with increased TV revenue.

    The first will be the Atlantic League itself. Followed by Southern (Mediterranean or Ionian League - comment below), Eastern, Central.

    Clubs will be promoted and relegated to their relevant national league. Clubs will be moved to a single nation to compete in the league but their based nation will remain the same meaning regens, European qualification etc will remain in the existing nation just the "nation" will change.


    Tier, Title, (Teams, Promotions/Relegations):

    • Tier 1: Atlantic League (16, 0/3)
    • Tier 2: National League (Fluid**, 1,3)
    • Tier 3: National Second League (16, 3/0)

    ** Note: In Tier 1 and Tier 2 there will be half the clubs from each nation, tier 3 will have the other half. Eg.: Netherlands have 32 teams in the database, There are 7 dutch teams in the Atlantic League, 9 in the Eredivisie. Therefore the number of teams in the national first league is 50% of total from that nation minus the no. teams in tier 1 from that nation. Tier 3 will have the other half.

    Will take top 32 clubs from each nation unless otherwise obvious split between professional status/reputation of clubs. Eg. Scotland has 24 viable professional clubs, but it's also a multiple of 8 that can easily be used in cup formats (more on this next)


    • FA Style Cup - all teams included in elimination style competition
    • Battle of Nations Cup - all non-tier 1 clubs included, only under 25 players trained by club will be allowed
    • National Cups - all teams included from each nation will play off in their existing national cup competition which will be modified to be a single elimination fa cup style cup as well


    • Fixtures regularly played on Saturdays
    • Month long break in December for National Cups to be played
    • FA Cup and BoN played on Wednesdays across whole playing year (except December)


    • Tier 1: TV money: 25m euros, 5,000,000 Parachute Payment
    • Tier 2: TV 2,5m euros, 5m for finishing first
    • Tier 3: TV 100k euros, 1m for finishing first

    Im posting this for feedback and to build excitement for the project as I believe this could be a really fun experience for those wanting to play a save as a dominate minority nation club such as Celtic or Ajax.

    File: 0_1525491113340_1. Samaroy's Atlantic League.fmf


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