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3-4-3 Watford System V2

  • Formation:


    Team Instructions:




    Goal Assists & Goal Locations:


    Results with Watford first season without any transfer!



    alt text

    Tactic description & Advices:

    The scores made by crosses from both wingbacks have been set to occur more frequently in order to compensate the absence of wingers. Both wingbacks will achieve more than 10 assists in league games.

    The general tactic is based on Standard – Fluid setting and the width is set to narrow since it’s 3 tops. You may not necessarily make changes on the guidelines. If your team involves lots of wingers to utilize, you can alternatively position them on the position for 3 tops.

    Gk – Get a first-class goalkeeper who has a high communication level.

    WBL- WBR

    These are the most crucial parts of the formation. Originally, it would be ideal to fill up the insufficient mid area with unbitted wingbacks, but I missed the styles that resemble wingers while I insist 3 tops. Wingbacks are set to attack. Unexpectedly, many scoring routes start at this point. Get players with high work rates.
    Average distance covered: 16km
    It is more efficient to use players with evenly distributed attributes rather than players with exceptionally high physical attributes (i.e. Daryl Janmaat)

    DC- All 3 central defenders must have great physical attributes. Obviously, employing 3 central defenders is safer than employing just 2 but you still need to employ good defenders in order to prevent losing a point from defenders’ silly mistakes.
    They are not really important in my tactic, though. Wingbacks are the most important and 3 tops and central midfielders follow respectively.


    For MCL, you will need players with great physical attributes. For MCR, you will need players with splendid passing attributes and visions so that they can connect the ball to 3 tops smoothly.

    It is even better if both MCL and MCR have good passing attributes and visions as well as work rate.

    In my effort to employ 3 tops, it came out that poacher is the most scoring position. Thus, employ a player who has the highest scoring ability in your club as a poacher and employ players who can disturb the defenders with great physical attributes in one of the F9 positions and players who can connect the ball with great passing attributes in another F9 position. All 3 tops will score evenly.


    Players who had bad games should be scolded while players who had nice ones should be complimented. Hold the team meetings once a month to raise the fighting spirit.

    Staying as a draw in the game with weak clubs – substitute an attacker with low grade and then team conversation should be –push – extreme attack after 70 minutes of the game.

    Same thing for the away matches

    Winning over the strong clubs – tactic should be containing and team conversation should be the focus.

    If your team is winning over stronger clubs, change to contain in the tactic setting. The team conversation would be requiring concentration on the match. These are same for both home and away matches.

    If your team is losing to weaker clubs, substitute an attacker with low grade and set to overload. The team conversation would be passionate-->push forward. No matter you are winning or not, set this after 70 minutes of the game.

    Scolding players are a must. Being an interfering manager gives you better results than being a spectating one.

    After three months of training, if tactic, teamwork, team compatibility reaches 60%, the general training should be ‘attack’ right before the game and training should be off the ball position selecting attribute for defense.
    The training is assigned to the head coach and wonderboys are focused on physical training.

    I really appreciate you if you could upload my tactic using this translated material.
    Have a nice day.

    Download Link:왓포드-_f7903188-8701-45a3-82b5-607a10d79687.fmf

  • Can't wait to see this one tested, the results posted are devastating.

  • I patiently waited for my team to start to get to know the tactic, and kept it in my back pocket.
    4 games after I downloaded, I was away to Wrexham, and at half time I was behind 0-2.
    I didn't have anything to lose really, so I told them to play thic weird, 3 ball playing defenders 3-4-3 😆
    However, what happened next blew me AWAY!.

    53th minute, 1-2
    61th minute, 2-2
    62th minute, 3-2 (2 goals in 2 minutes) 🎆
    69th minute, 4-2 (penalty)
    79th minute, 5-2 (another penalty, apparently they really want to stop my strikers.) 😆
    88th minute, 6-2

    I was.... Bedazzled.
    Further testing needed - will give my own tests and try and take some screenshots.

  • @Martin-Bahn

    thanks . screenshot plz😆

  • Admin

    @joinsam111 I'll test it soon! Are you the author of this tactic? Because also another guy posted it in this category! Or at least can you tell me the name of the author so we can give him the credits once we tested it? Thank you! 🙂

  • Admin

    @joinsam111 Cool, that's why I locked the other topic because it was just a copy of this one. I'll post results as soon as the test finishes!

  • @Fra


    have a good day!!👍👍

  • Admin

    WOW! Your tactic is the new number one! Compliments! You should really consider posting in our Official Tactics category, read here how to do it!

  • wow. wonderful

  • Admin

    Fantastic! 🙂 This is a SUPERB result...

  • Great Results 🙂

  • Admin

    I highly doubt there will be a better tactic than this for the current patch 🙂

  • wow ..

    My tactics ..


  • Admin

    @joinsam111 We would love it if you could make threads here as well whenever you make a new tactic. You are clearly a great tactician, and we would love to have you as an active tactician on our site!

  • @joinsam111 hey joinsam, would you be able to translate the original post into English? Google translate is doing a terrible job for me lol

  • @max187

    ok korea time Am:4 41..😭

    I will run in the afternoon.

    thanks 😆

  • @joinsam111 said in 3-4-3 watford narrow:


    ok korea time Am:04:41..😭

    I will run in the afternoon.

    thanks 😆


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