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4 - 2 - 4 base

  • Hello

    I want to get some advice
    please check my tactics!
    2_1479972883639_3.png 1_1479972883639_2.png 0_1479972883638_1.png 0_1479972897821_사우스햄튼 기본 전술_044F415E-D824-466A-88C0-50C94FCA31BC.fmf

  • Admin

    @MrLangvatn He's probably the one that can help you the most in improving the tactic, but what's the main problem? Maybe post some screenshots about how the tactic is performing 🙂

  • Admin

    The only suggestion I can make is to try different tweaks, test for 5-10 test matches, then load to the beginning of those matches and play them again with another tweak, another tweak another tweak. What works well is different from patch to patch, so there isn't any "logic" I can rely on for these things. I know there are many sites that post articles about what roles fit together, and try to add reason behind it all, but this is a game, not real football 🙂 Trial and error is the only way to make tactics if you want the best possible combinations.

    For example, after testing, you find out you have problems in the back... Well, then you try out different things like change the D-line, change the closing down, marking, OI's, roles, player instructions, etc.


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