• Joker is a Standard/Fluid classic 4-3-3, which tries to balance attacking movements with defensive stability. Or at least it is supposed to do so :)

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    Basic version
    0_1479934579015_JOKER V2_0DFAAA62-E1F7-40F2-88E4-67D2FA165E57.fmf

    Defensive version for protecting the lead
    0_1479934599283_JOKER DEFENSIVE V2_BA7E385E-638F-4CA4-B789-48B2EA9C3194.fmf


    General training is Fittness - High in the first 2 weeks of pre season and then Team Cohesion - High until the end of August, Balanced - Medium afterwards. Match preparation (bar fully on the left) is Match Tactics until it gets fully fluid, defensive positioning afterwards (set the bar 2 ticks from the left).

    Team management

    You are the manager, so this is definitely one of your tasks: manage your team! This part of the game is extremely important and cannot be ignored. Creating a good tactic is one thing, a good starting point. Buying/developing better players is also key. But as time goes by, the morale of your squad might be dropping due to various reasons or you will simply face a drop in performance, since no team in the world is able to win all the matches. You have to react to these situations properly in order to make them happier/keep the morale high or to cut short the time of the downturn.

    Team talks

    I don't like to complicate things in this area, but I always do it by myself. Actually let the overall team talk done by your assistant, but after that you should do the positional team talk:

    Before the match

    • Home always assertively: I have faith...

    • Away calmly or assertively: I have faith...

    Half time

    • If leading: assertivevely/calmly: don't get complacent... - never praise them! You might see some negative reactions, but don't care about it.

    • If it's a draw or losing: assertively/calmly: show me something else...or similar

    Full time

    • If won than praise them
    • If drew or lost then assertively chew them out

    During the match

    • Encouraging players is always a good idea, so if they are not playing confidently, use this shout
    • If you do not have the lead after the 1st half, tell them assertively/calmly to demand more or push forward
    • If you have the lead than for the last 20 minutes tell them to concentrate

    Team meetings

    You can use these events for 2 reasons: if the team is performing good or bad. Let's consider you are using a good tactic. How to determine if your team is performing good or bad? If you are with Bayern München and other team is leading the league after 10 matches, you are definitely on a bad run or doing something wrong. If you are managing Burnley and you are fightning for the Europa League places then you are doing the right thing. My advice is to hold team meetings once every month and praise or warn them about their form. You can track when the meetings were held by clicking your profile -> My History -> Conversation history.

    Praising players

    When your player have an average match rating above 7.60 for the last 5 games, you can interact with them and say they recent from is good. Only avoid to praise more then 4 players at the same time (obviously if you are on a winning streak and more then 4 players are red hot, then only praise the best 4) and do not praise the same player in the same month again.

    Bad streak - change the training

    It is absolutely normal that at some point the results will be worse for some matches and you will see that after a good run you got 2 defeats and 3 draws. Does this mean that the tactic is crap? Definitely not. You have to take care of the situation and my advice is that you should change the match training to teamwork and general training to tactics for 2 weeks then change back the previous setting.

  • Publisher

    Another solid tactic from you, mate!

  • Publisher

    Update: Tested only the basic version.

  • @Hector Thanks for the test. As I see the main issue with Joker V2 is the amount of goals scored, this part needs to be improved. Defensive wise it is amongst the best 3. From the results it is also obvious, that it is a fairly strong away tactic, but fails to dominate enough at home. Thinking on playing Control mentality at home.

  • Hello Zyndar.

    Used V1 with very good results and running V2 now. First I want to ask, is it ok to share this tac on other forums and ofc give you credit? We have a thread on facebook where we test tacs and then recommends those we like so I ask if it is ok to share this one.
    But now about the tactic you have created. As I said then I like it very much but there are somethings that I need a bit of help with as I don’t have English as my first language, basicly my 4th language if anything so something confuses me unfortunately.
    Team talks: You say, I have faith but I am confused what to choice from as there are maybe 6 options. I have no idea what to pick and before the game at home against Stoke I had these options:

    Come on lads, show me what you can do!
    Good luck lads!
    I´m expecting you to win today boys!
    I know a lot of you will be keen to avenge what happened when we last played Stoke, go out there and express yourselves!
    Let´s give the fans something to cheer today!
    The media has been on our backs lately, try to ignore that and enjoy the match.
    As I said, my language is not English so here I am struggling as I don’t know which of these says I have faith. I therefore choice what I thought was right and picked Come on lads, show me…..
    At half time it was 0-0 and 19-1 in shots, 5-0 on frame.65% pos. Maxi injured so using Sakho.
    59th minute and I go for encourage, 67th min I make two changes, new winger in and Carroll put upfront. 72nd min push forward. 74th minute, goal, Carroll scores a fluke as he was in the way of the shot and deflected. Took 26 shots to get this goal. 79th, shout is concentrate, 83rd min I get goal disallowed, 90th +1 shout is concentrate. 90th +4 full time.
    31-8 in shots
    8-6 on frame and note, I only had 10 long shots so this is just not using the chances.
    64% pos.
    I always use recommended shouts during the game, all of them but sometimes nothing works.
    I am managing West Ham now, 3rd season and I took over when there were only 6 games to go in 2nd season. Set up the JOKER and has been since. I am now 6 games into my 2nd season with West Ham and have a very decent squad but struggling. So far my results in the league are:
    Liverpool at home 3-1 win
    Sunderland away 0-0 draw
    WBA at home 4-0 win
    Chelsea away 2-0 loss
    Tottenham at home 0-1 loss
    Norwich away 1-1 draw
    Stoke at home 1-0 win
    So 3-2-2 and goals are 9-5 so defence is impressive.
    My starting XI is: Ranjkovic, Pedro Pereira, Reid/Semedo, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Thiago Maia, Noble, Nordtveit (Obiang is injured), Antonio, Bernardeschi and Maxi Romero. As I said, decent squad but MC´s could be better but I should win team like Sunderland and Norwich easy but I was struggling to get a draw. Tottenham at home I controlled the game but nothing happend and was better than Chelsea just couldn’t score. 3 games of 6 without scoring and that is not nearly enough.
    So bottom line is, I am not scoring enough and not securing wins so I need to be alert on my shouts all the time, pausing the game so it dosen´t run while picking a shout. Maybe this is normal, I am not sure.
    But don’t take this as negative post even though it sounds like one lol, I LOVE this tactic and won 2 bundesliga with Hannover in first season with V1 then tried another tac in my 2nd season and got fired and therefor ended up at West Ham.
    I just want to get this tactic to run smooth but having problem with it at the moment. Everything is pleasing apart from team talk and not be able to finish games.
    I have also followed all instructions to make it fluid .
    I will be giving you more updates when season is half way through or so :)

  • @Julius Hi mate! You can share, no issues mate. You missed 1 part: "Actually let the overall team talk done by your assistant, but after that you should do the positional team talk"

    So after AM does the overall team talk, you can do the positional one. Sadly, Joker V2 is far from being superb, later there will be a new version hopefully.

  • @zyndar Hi mate. Ok should I have that in instructions that assistant takes care of team talk or ask him to do it before every game? Need to read the thing about positional team talk. Should I use JOKER V1 as V2 seems not to be working as well?

  • @Julius ask him to do it before every game. V1 was superb before the patch, but dropped performance really, and V2 has to be improved.

  • @zyndar Ok mate will do. Ok :(, As I am shi* in making tacs I will be waiting for an update to test and share if I am happy :)

  • @zyndar I also see that you made Falchion V2. Would you concider that one better or worse than JOKER V2?

  • @Julius Falchion V2 is waaay better :)

  • @zyndar damnit, now I have to try that one lol. Will wait for V3 of JOKER then as I really enjoy it. :)

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