Mr L 4-1-3-2 Accelerated Dragon

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    Another tactic! What? :)

    Here is the formation:

    0_1478982518625_Formation 4-1-3-2.jpg

    This one has no OI's, so that's perfect for you Ipad and FM Touch players! :)

    Plug and play as always, have fun!

    By the way, there might be alot of potential in improving set pieces in my tactics, as I have only set up the same as I used in FM16. When we start testing properly, I can find the best corner setup, but until that, this has to make due, or you can make your own set piece setup :)

    Download tactic!

    Screenshots for Ipad users

  • How would you line up as Liverpool wit this tactic mate? Mane seems like the odd one out.

  • You are a monster dude. Amazing job, sleep a bit!

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    @crew Mane should do well as f9 I think. Shouldn't take too long for him to get used to that role.

  • @MrLangvatn said in Mr L 4-1-3-2 Accelerated Dragon:

    @crew Mane should do well as f9 I think. Shouldn't take too long for him to get used to that role.

    Thanks bud. I was going to go with this:-

              Firmino       Sturridge
            Lallana         Wijnaldun

    Moreno Lovren Matip Clyne


    So I think I could rotate Sturridge and Mane and maybe give Mane a game or 2 at AMC. I will let you know how it goes :)

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    @crew I don't think Mane would do too well as an advanced playmaker :)

  • Also a tip for any iPad users to view the screenshots on your iPad you can get a programme called winzip free from AppStore to view them on!

  • Having a rough start. Just about managed to beat Crystal Palace at Anfield via a penalty very late on. The next game is City away. They scored, then we scored 2 then they scored 4, then we scored 3 more. Final score was 6 - 4 to them. They ripped through us like butter for all of their goals though so I'm hoping it was just a one off game as I was hoping this tactic would be defensively solid :(

    It seems like Liverpool are cursed in this game.

    The developers seem to have messed the engine up beyond belief. 10 goals in a premier league game like that? In real life it would be a dead cert for nil nil or 1 nil. These games happen very often too.

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    @crew I've noticed both in AI vs AI matches, and when testing all the different tactics I make, that there are alot of goals in this patch. I believe it was the same in FM16 first patch, but that this was resolved in the second patch of the game.

  • @crew don't forget origi. He is an absolute beast this year

  • Btw. FM Touch can also use OI, it's just you have to set them before every match. They're definitely there, though.

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    @shirajzl That sounds like a hazzle xD

  • Yea fook that lol

  • After Playing a good bit now and no formation really setting the world alight with an average side I have notice a few things. The AI has a huge problem defending far post crosses in open play. more than likely due to the AI on full backs being all over the place full back seem to miss an insane amount of tackles I think a death by crosses style formation may really exploit this!?!

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    If someone wants to start testing some tactics now, I have no shared my database. I won't start using it myself before FM Fitness Coach is released, but if someone just want to try to create some of their own tactics meanwhile, you can get the database here:

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    This tactic has been brilliant. Champions league knock out draws were a nightmare for me. Bayern in the Round of 16, Real Madrid in the quarter-finals and Barcelona in the semi-finals.

    But the matches turned out to be really enjoyable. I watch the games by the way. Not Instant Results.

    0_1479252221853_Man Utd v Bayern_ Overview Overview.png

    0_1479252243034_Man Utd v R. Madrid_ Overview Overview.png

    0_1479252264444_Man Utd v Barcelona_ Overview Overview.png

  • @Hector Man what settings do you have on team training and on match preparation? :smile:

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    @kalu00 During pre-season, training is Team Cohesion. Match prep is tactics.
    Intensity very high.

    If you do this, the team will gel well and be familiar with the tactic.

    During the course of the season, balanced training and Match prep is always Defensive Positioning. Intensity will be Average or High depending upon the number of matches in a week.

    I moved the slider one point to the left to give more focus on Match Prep.

  • @Hector Thanks man :smiley:

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    Information to everyone wondering about "which tactic is the best" etc:

    We have just started proper tactic testing of all the tactics released so far! There will be an article with the results soon :)

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