Just me...!

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    Just me #1

    I like difficulties, but this time I went a little bit too far.

    I decided to start my "only" career (since is gonna take a lot of time) as me in an hypothetical world where I want to be a Football Manager. So I'll start as unemployed, Sunday league player and without any Managerial license.

    The objectives are "simple" in less season as possible I would like to manage a Top League team.

    It's gonna be really hard :D

    Next update with settings and first month of game!

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    @Giggiux Looks interesting! :)
    It's going to be a long way to be the coach of a Top Club! :astonished:

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    If you want to see the database configuration: there you are!


    As I said previously, I'll be actually me: a Sunday League player without managerial experience!


    So... Let's start with a very sad story :(

    I started as unemployed, so with all the enthusiasm in this world I looked only at jobs in the lower league possible (from the one without manager), thinking that only them would take me: English Country Series. Or at least I think that's the name :P

    So as first step I applied all the teams I liked the name: "London Bari", "Horsham YMCA" etc...

    In the end, moved by last year main city team's exploit, I decided to join a team that was predicted to win the league easily: Leicester Nirvana!

    Since I have no experience at all in these lower leagues, I let the President buy new staff and players. in the end this is the transfer market:


    The team still is REALLY bad:


    I even started in the best possible way:


    And also with a really good preparation match, in which I won against a bigger squad!

    But shortly my lack of experience in this low league shown up and I went so bad that I don't want to tell you the details, the only thing you should know is that after few really bad months where I wanted to retire for how bad the defense was, I gave my resignation.

    The results at Leicester Nirvana are here (until the selected match), I'm really not proud of those:

    Well, that was so bad that I'm thinking about going in upper league, skipping the English 9th one... if they want me :P

    We'll see in next updates!

    PS: I'm really sorry about this starting, it's so bad I don't want to comment any of those matches. Defense was really scandalous: I was winning the first UCFL's Match 3-0 after 30 minutes and that 3-4 happened -.- Same in second match... bah

  • @Giggiux How it is going mate?

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    @zyndar You know, it's going pretty well,
    BTW: I'm the kind of guy that doesn't know how to proper tell a story, but here the point of me not updating is that I like more to play than to share the story 😂
    When I don't test tactics, I play this save: it's the only one I started since the FM release.

    So here a little update:
    After the bad start at Leicester Nirvana, I applied to almost all jobs on higher leagues. On most of them (higher that Vanarama), they wouldn't even try to discuss with me.
    In a moth (I left Leicester Nirvana the 29/10, I joined them the 28/11) I managed to get a new job with the Hemel Hempstead Town, in Vanarama National League South. They were 21st with these matches played:


    I hired some staff (there was none), a Director of Football and let him manage the transfer market: I'm new in these series, don't even know which "skill level" for a player is good or bad :P
    BTW he did a pretty good job, because we managed to do some good matches, but a little crisis happened.
    Working on the teamwork and the defensive positions, we managed to start winning again and even if in the end we did an AMAZING job for just 2 points we didn't get to the PlayOffs :( (lol it was almost impossible :joy: )



    After a good summer of transfer market (always managed by the DoF), we started the season in a way I didn't even imagined, even if we exited from the FA cup (who cares :P ), we managed to do almost the same points of the previous season with 2/3 of the matches played :D

    0_1481376121515_firstPartTable.png 0_1481376128493_SecondPartTable.png


    Well, that's it I think :P

  • @Giggiux great run mate! Which tactic are you using?

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    @zyndar I'm using three tactics from the site:

    itsZdan 4-2-3-1 V2.2 as main tactic,
    3-4-3 Watford System V2 when I'm sure I can win,
    Mr L 4-1-2-3 Calabrese Counter-Gambit v3 when I'm losing and I have to risk


    But I use all of the three tactics with Mr L CC-G's Ois

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    I didn't continue this career because after the second year the English League didn't continue. Because of some problem in the database, it get stuck :(

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